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Kenneth J. Shouldice Library Help Me!

I want to do my library work from home

What, you don't want to see our bright and shining faces?

Well, ok.

You can access all of our databases from off-campus from your My.LSSU account

Log in, then click on the My Library tab--it's one of the tabs near the top of the screen. Once you're within the library's tab, the list of gated databases (those charging fees) runs down the left side of the screen. All of the databases should work from here. By the way, when you're on campus, you don't want to log on to use the databases, just go to the library's web page and search from there.

What won't work from home

You should know, however, that the linking service that allows you to find full text articlesacross databases does not work from home. That means that if you search in a FirstSearch database and find an article that looks useful and then click on the "search for full text" link, the system may tell you that the item is available full text in General Reference Center Gold, but it can not link to it directly, as it would if you were on campus. It will ask you for a userid and password, and there is none. To access that article, you would need to open General Reference Center Gold through the My Library tab, and search for that article. It's easily done, but you need to know enough to do it yourself.

Sometimes things go wrong

If a particular database won't work from home, we suggest you try a different database that covers the same topic. They are listed together on the My Library tab.

We'd like to know if a database doesn't work for you from off campus. Please let us know by contacting the Reference Desk with which database didn't work, the time or times you tried to access it, and make sure you assure us that you were logged in to My.LSSU (It won't work if you're not logged in to My.LSSU and using the My Library tab).

Occasionally, individuals can't access any of our databases. There are many reasons this might happen. Many patrons have found that their computer, employer or ISP has enabled a firewall. Once access is granted, the problem is alleviated. At other times, we never find a solution, the patron simply needs to try a different location or connection to gain access. Unfortunately, we can't control the Internet, and sometimes things don't work.

An alternate to My LSSU

You can have access to many of the same databases by using MeL (the Michigan Electronic Library). To use the gataed databases of MeL, you will be asked to log in using a valid Michigan driver's license.