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Kenneth J. Shouldice Library Help Me!

I need to find if we have an article in a periodical on campus

Sometimes we have it in paper...

People love to use online periodicals for a number of reasons. Not everything will be available online, though. If an item isn't available through one of our online databases, and we have it in paper, you'll need to grab the item from the stacks. Further, if we don't have an item online, and you request it on interlibrary loan, without finding that we have it in paper first, your interlibrary loan request won't be filled, and you'll be told to get the item from the stacks yourself. So, to see if we have an item in paper, you need to check the online catalog.

  • Go to the library's home page and click on Search the Library Catalog
  • Choose Search the LSSU Catalog
  • Click on the Title tab
  • Type the name of the periodical
  • Click on the drop down menu
  • Choose Journal Title
  • Click on Search
  • From the results page, cursor through to see if LSSU owns that title.
  • Click on LSSU's copy of the title
  • If we own it in paper, the dates that we own should be listed near the bottom of the entry
  • If the issue you need is listed, it can be found on the third floor of the library, alphabetically, by the title of the magazine or journal. If we don't own it, you may request the item through interlibrary loan