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Kenneth J. Shouldice Library Help Me!

But I still have a reference question

The Reference Desk is a great place to ask questions. The Reference Desk is the desk in the middle of the main floor of the library, not the desk just inside the door.

  • We start by asking you questions...
    • Who is your audience? The nature of our suggestions varies by the purpose.
    • Are you working on a paper?
    • Which class? Is it English 110 or English 111? Is it a senior thesis?
      These and similar questions help us to start looking in the appropriate databases.
  • We often ask who is your professor? We know the full time professors and most adjuncts, thus we have a good idea of the type of information they each expect. We'll help you find what you need to get the job done.
  • We like to know where you may have searched. We do not want to duplicate your efforts, or we may need to clarify how you used a particular tool. We can't help take you further, if we don't know where you have been!
  • Ask a Librarian is an e-mail service where you can e-mail a question to a reference librarian. The account is checked two or three times a day, Monday through Friday, and occasionally on the weekend. This service is a great way to ask for a little direction in where or how to search effectively, or for verification of a quick fact.