Redefining the Classroom


Video Conferencing/Interactive Television

The video conferencing or interactive television system allows the University to provide instruction, seminars, conferences, meetings, and many other interactive options to residents of the Upper Peninsula. Through the use of a Bridge or MCU, one or more sites may be connected interactively. Additionally, the University is Sprint certified making it possible to interact with any entity in the world that has similar certification.

In addition to the digital system which operates over a VPN, the University is a partner in an Eastern Upper Peninsula H.323 standard over an Internet backbone. This dedicated Internet backbone links all the schools in the Eastern Upper Peninsula School District. The H.232 standard allows conferencing over the Internet to sites in the world which follow this same standard.

LSSU has five interactive television rooms varying in size from a small conference room to a lecture hall. With the technology in place, it is possible to host three simultaneous interactive conferences. Furthermore, LSSU has a mobile codec that can be placed in any classroom that has an Internet connection and conduct two way video conferencing utilizing the technology mentioned previously.