Redefining the Classroom


The Kenneth J. Shouldice Library is the research hub of Lake Superior State University and the most important intellectual resource of the academic community.  Its primary mission is to provide services and resources to meet the present and future scholarly and informational needs of the University, and to extend these services and resources to its regional center sites.  The Library also strives to provide services to the greater Sault Ste. Marie area which extends beyond the U.S. border to include Northern Ontario.  As a University department, the Library actively participates in teaching, curricular development, research and other scholarly activities.


Collection Development

The Library will develop and maintain its collection of current and retrospective materials to support the curricular, informational, and research needs of the University community.  Collections of a specialized nature which are distinctive to Lake Superior State University or are of regional interest will also be maintained.  All resources will be organized for their most effective retrieval and use.
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Library Services

The Library will at all times provide the most complete and thorough service possible.  Library services will be actively promoted to all constituencies.
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Library Instruction

The Library will offer to its various constituencies appropriate, effective, and thorough instruction in using the Library and its resources.  Diverse instructional methods will be used, and will aim to provide users with the skills they need to retrieve and evaluate materials relevant to their informational needs.
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Professional Development

The Library will develop and maintain a highly capable staff through recruitment, programs of professional development, and effective use of individual talents.  As faculty members, librarians will be expected to serve on University committees, offer classroom instruction, participate in curriculum development, and engage in other professional activities.
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Financial Resources

The Library will seek to obtain an annual budget and other financial and administrative support necessary to establish and maintain appropriate standards for University-level library services as established by the American Library Association.  External funding in support of Library goals will also be pursued.
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Physical Resources

The Library's physical facilities will be of sufficient size and quality to house its collections and supporting equipment and to maintain an environment which encourages the use of the building and its resources for study and research.
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Cooperative Ventures

The Library will participate in cooperative ventures with other institutions and consortia in order to ensure user access to materials, ideas, and other resources necessary for teaching, learning, and research.
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The Library will maintain on-going communication with other academic departments, administrative offices, and user communities to help ensure the effective development of Library resources and services consistent with the programs and objectives of the University.
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The Library will systematically evaluate its collections, programs, facilities, budget, instruction, and goals.  Assessment will take a variety of forms with the common objective of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Library services.
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Intellectual Freedom

The Library will uphold the standards regarding intellectual freedom as established by the American Library Association.  To this end, the Library will respect the rights and privacy of its clientele, resist all attempts to censor information, and assure the integrity of its collections.
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