Summer 2005

Reference Guides

Berring, Robert C. Finding the Law. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co., 1999. Basement KF 240 .B45 1999

Hames, Joanne Banker. Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing: an Integrated Approach. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2000. Basement KF240.H36 2000.

Kunz, Christina L. Process of Legal Research. New York: Aspen Publishers, 2004. Basement KF240 .P76 2004.

Yelin, Andrea B. Legal Research and Writing Handbook: a Basic Approach for Paralegals. Gaithersburg: Aspen Law & Business, 1999.

For BOOKS about United States law, look in Voyager under the following subject headings:


For Laws pertaining to Specialized subject areas, look under specific subject headings, e.g.:




Reitze, Arnold W. Environmental Law. 2nd ed. Vol. 1 Washington, DC: North American International, 1972. Ref KF 3775 .R4

Salvato, Joseph A. Environmental Engineering and Sanitation. 4th ed. NY: John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1992. Ref TD 145 .S24 1992

Sullivan, Thomas F.P. Environmental Law Handbook. 14th ed. Rockville, MD: Government Institutes, Inc. 1997. Ref KF 3775 .E473 1997

Environmental Law Series

Malone, Linda A. Environmental Regulation of Land Use. NY: Clark Boardman Company, Ltd., 1990. Ref KF 5698 .M264 1990

Stever, Donald W. Law of Chemical Regulation and Hazardous Waste. NY: Clark Boardman Company, Ltd., 1988. Ref KF 3958 .S74 1985 v.1

Tarlock, Dan A. Law of Water Rights and Resources. NY: Clark Boardman Company, 1992. Ref KF 5569 .T37 1990

Want, William L. Law of Wetlands Regulation. NY: Clark Boardman Company, Ltd., 1992. Ref KF 5624 .W36 1990

Federal Law

STATUTORY LAW: Laws passed by the United States government.

United States Code Annotated.(U.S.C.A.) St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co., 1970--. Law Ref KF 65 .W4 1970
A subject compilation of laws and, in addition, has citations to cases and to U.S. regulations in the Code of
Federal Regulations(CFR) and provides histories of the law, references to articles in law journals, cross references, and many other aids. It is kept up-to-date with booklets and pocket parts which are inserted in the back of each volume. There is a subject index for the whole set.

United States Code.(U.S.C.) Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1970-- Law Ref Kf 62 .A2 1970
A compilation of laws contained in United States Statutes at Large arranged by category or subject of law. It has an index for the basic set and separate indexes for the supplementary volumes.

United States Statutes at Large. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 19??-- Law Ref KF 50
Contains actual text of the laws and treaties as passed in each session of Congress, arranged chronologically by public law number, with an index for each volume. Before the laws are printed in book form., they are issued in separate paper booklets known as slip laws.

United States Code Congressional and Administrative News. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co. Law Ref KF 48 .W45
Contains public laws, legislative history, proclamations, executive messages and orders, administrative regulations, lists of committees, indexes and tables, for each session of Congress.

REGULATIONS: Administrative regulations are made by the various departments and agencies of government to carry out the intent of the laws passed by Congress.

Federal Register. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office. (Library retains most current two years) Document AE 2.106:
The Federal Register is published daily with monthly and quarterly indexes. It contains agency rulings, proposed rules, meetings, and adjudicatory proceedings. Use the "List of Sections Affected" in the indexes or the most recent issue of the Federal Register for the most current regulations.

Code of Federal Regulations. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office. Law Ref KF 70 .A3
The Code of Federal Regulations(CFR) is a subject compilation of the Federal Register, issued yearly. Contains text of new and amended rules in force as of January 1 each year. Arranged by 50 titles which respond to the titles of the United States Code. (U.S.C.). Use the "list of Sections Affected for the updates. Multi-volume set. Vol. 40 is Protection of environment.

Federal Regulatory Directory. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly Inc., 1997. Ref KF 5406 .A15 F4 1997
Profiles regulatory agencies, describing powers and responsibilities; lists regional offices, telephone contacts, and sources of additional information.

State Law


Public and Local Acts of the Legislature of the State Of Michigan. Lansing, MI: Department of Management and Budget.
Law Ref KFM 4225 .A232
This has the text of laws passed in each session of the Legislature arranged by public law number.

Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated.(MCLA) St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co., 1967--. Law Ref KFM 4230 .A232 1967
The MCLA is a subject compilation of laws with history, references to court cases , and other aids. There is an index for the entire set. It is kept up to date with frequent revisions, pocket parts, supplementary pamphlets, interim annotation services, and West's Michigan legislative service.

REGULATIONS: Administrative regulations are made by the various departments and agencies of state government to carry out the intent of the laws passed by the Legislature.

Michigan Administrative Code. Lansing, MI: The Council, 1980. Law Ref KFM 4235 1979 .A225
This is a compilation of all the regulations in effect as of 1980. It is indexed by subject. Annual supplements update the code. The index of each annual volume covers all the preceding volumes.

Michigan Register. Lansing, MI: Legislative Service Bureau. Law Ref KFM 4236 .M53
This is a monthly updating service for the Michigan Administrative Code, containing all new regulations and executive orders as well as notices of hearings on proposed new rules. Each monthly issue has cumulative indexes for that particular year.


Michigan Digest 2d. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co., 1989- Law Ref KFM 4245 .A514 1989
Contains Michigan Cases and Federal cases originating in Michigan.

Michigan Reporter. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co. Law Ref KFM 4245 .A512
Covers cases reported in the North Western Reporter 2d series. Updated by pamphlets.

Michigan Reports. Chicago: Callaghan, 1878-- Law Ref KFM 4245 .A3
Contains the decisions of the Michigan Supreme Court. A subject index and a digest of cases are at the end of each volume.

Shepard's Michigan Citations. Colorado Springs, CO: Shepard's /McGraw-Hill, 1994. Law Ref KFM 4259 .S53 1994
This is designed to establish the current authority of any Michigan Statute or case. If a statute or case has been followed, cited, limited, question, reversed or overruled, it is listed in Shepard's. Updated by pamphlets.

Periodical Indexes

Biological And Agricultural Index. New York: H.W. Wilson, 1964--. Index section & FirstSearch

Index to Legal Periodicals. New York: H.W. Wilson Co. 1983--.Index Section & FirstSearch

Selected Water Resources Abstracts. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1983--.Index Section

Also check Lexis-Nexis.


Pub. L 88-577 88th Congress law number 577. Printed in the United States Statutes at Large

78 Stat 890 Vol. 78, page 890 in the United States Statutes at Large

193 US 127 Vol 193, page 127 United States Supreme Court. U.S. Reports

8 U.S.C. 1404 Title 8, Section 1404 in the United States Code

40 CFR 24 Volume 40, Section 24 of the Code Of Federal Regulations

Also check Lexis-Nexis.

Public Act PA Act No. 230 of 1966
1966 No. 230 Printed in the Public and Local OR Acts of the Legislature of the State of Michigan. This law and
Acts 230 other amendments affecting it may be found in Michigan Compiled Laws, 1970 and in Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated.

MCLA 325.601 Under chapter 325, Section 601 of OR The Michigan Compiled Laws and in Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated. Ann. 325.601

335 Mich 493 volume 335, page 493 of Michigan Supreme Court. Michigan Reports

Also check Lexis-Nexis.