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The 1991 edition is available on-line. Search the on-line catalog under the title, then click on Linked Resources.



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SEE ALSO: Country Studies in the on-line catalog & Birnbaum's & Fodor's travel guide books.



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Journals indexed in ABI/Inform which will be of particular interest.

Business America

Columbia Journal of World Business


Financial World

Global Trade

International Management

Journal of Business Strategy


ABI-Inform available via FirstSearch

Business Periodicals Index. New York: H.W. Wilson, 1958--. Networked version 1982-- earlier years on index shelves (Basement)

New York Times. Ann Arbor: University Microfilms Inc. (full text newspaper on CD-ROM), updated monthly-- earlier years on Index shelves, also available on General Reference Center Gold

Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin. New York: Public Affairs Information Service, 1960-93. Index Shelves - and available on FirstSearch

Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature. New York: H.W. Wilson. 1907-1993 Index Shelves and FirstSearch

Social Science Index. New York: H.W. Wilson. 1974-1989 Index Shelves and FirstSearch

The Wall Street Journal Index. New York: Dow Jones, 1965-1993. earlier years on Index Shelves and 1984-present through ABI/Inform



NTDB or The National Trade Data Bank Updated monthly, it contains over 100,000 documents published by various government agencies.

As stated in their literature you can use the NTDB to survey the economic and demographic conditions in over 250 countries using the Central Intelligence Agency's World Factbook, review Market Research Reports from the U.S. and Foreign commercial service and get Exchange and Interest Rate data from the Federal Reserve Board. Data from 15 Federal Agencies and 47 information programs are included.


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