Books on Native American Artists in LSSU's Library


Reference Books


Acland, Joan Reid.First Nations Artists in Canada:A Biographical/Bibliographical Guide 1960 to 1999.Montreal:The Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art, 2001.

††††††††††† LSSU Reference (Main Floor)

††††††††††† N 6549.5 R54 2001


Dockstader, Frederick J.Great North American Indians:Profiles in Life and Leadership.New York:Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, 1977.

††††††††††† LSSU Reference (Main Floor)

††††††††††† E 89 .D55


Hirschfelder, Arlene B.Artists and Craftspeople.New York:Facts on File, 1994.

††††††††††† LSSU Reference (Main Floor)

††††††††††† E 98 .A7 H57 1994


Hirschfelder, Arlene B.The Native American Almanac:A Portrait of Native America Today. New York:Prentice Hall General Reference, 1993.

††††††††††† LSSU Reference (Main Floor)

††††††††††† E 77 .H59 1993


Lester, Patrick D.The Biographical Directory of Native American Painters.Tulsa OK:SIR Publications; Norman, OK:Distributed by University of Oklahoma Press, 1995.

††††††††††† LSSU Reference (Main Floor)

N 6536 .L47 1995




Native Peoples:The Journal of the Heard Museum.Phoenix, Arizona:The Museum, 1987-†† .

††††††††††† Location:LSSU Periodicals (3rd Floor)


Circulating Books


Ackerman, Lillian, editor.A Song to the Creator:Traditional Arts of Native American Women of the Plateau.Norman and London:University of Oklahoma Press, 1996.

††††††††††† LSSU Library (Basement)

††††††††††† E 78 .N78 S65 1996


Changing Hands:Art without Reservation,1. Contemporary Native American Art from the Southwest.London Merrel; New York, NY:American Craft Museum, 2002.

††††††††††† LSSU Library (Basement)

††††††††††† N 6538 .A4 C536 2002


Contemporary Masters:The Eiteljorg Fellowship for Native American Fine Art, Volume 1.Indianapolis:Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, 1999.

††††††††††† LSSU Library (Basement)

††††††††††† N 6538 .A4 C66 1999


Decker, Julie.John Hoover:Art & Life.Seattle:Anchorage Museum of History and Art and the Anchorage Museum Association in association with the University of Washington Press, 2002.

††††††††††† LSSU Library (Basement)

††††††††††† N 6537 .H587 D43 2002

Friday, Chris.Lelooska:the Life of a Northwest Coast Artist.Seattle:University of Washington Press, 2003.

††††††††††† LSSU Library (Basement)

††††††††††† E 78 .N78 F75 2003


Hartman, Russell P.Navajo Pottery:Traditions & Innovations. Flagstaff:Northland Press, 1989.

††††††††††† LSSU Library (Basement)

††††††††††† E 99 .N3 H32 1987


Henkes, Robert.Native American Painters of the Twentieth Century:The Works of 61 Artists.Jefferson, NC:McFarland & Co., 1995.

††††††††††† LSSU Library (Basement)

††††††††††† E 98 .P23 H46 1995


Stand in the Center of the Good:Interviews with Contemporary Native American Artists.Lincoln:University of Nebraska Press, 1994.

††††††††††† LSSU Library (Basement)

††††††††††† N 6538 .A4 I2 1994


Peterson, Karen Daniels.Plains Indian Art from Fort Marion.Norman:University of Oklahoma Press, 1971.

††††††††††† LSSU Library (Basement)

††††††††††† E 78 .G73 P4


Rubinstein, Charlotte Streifer.American Women Artists: from Early Indian Times to the Present.New York:G. K. Hall, 1982.

††††††††††† LSSU Library (Basement)

††††††††††† N 6505 .R8 1982


Ruch, Marcella J.Pablita Velarde:Painting Her People.Santa Fe:New Mexico Magazine, 2001.

††††††††††† LSSU Library (Basement)

††††††††††† E 99 T35 P686 1996


Sweetgrass Grows All Around Her.Toronto:Native Women in the Arts, 1996.

††††††††††† LSSU Library (Basement)

††††††††††† PS 310 .I52 S94 1996


This Path We Travel:Celebrations of Contemporary Native American Creativity.Golden, CO:Published by the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, and Fulcrum Pub., c1994.

††††††††††† LSSU Library (Basement)

††††††††††† E 98 A7 T48 1994




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