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Let us know!

Let us know if there's a special app you want to test. We'll try to set up your device so you can test the features that interest you.

Electronic Devices

iPads, Nooks, Nexus 7's and Kindles

Have you wondered what the big deal is about these devices?

Maybe you've considered buying one, but are not sure if it's for you?

The library has a few of these devices to loan. The loan period for each tool is two weeks. Each device has a variety of apps that we hope will let you explore what that tool can do. For more information, to check one out, or to get on the waiting list, call Beth Hronek (x2651) or send an e-mail to

How it works...

The library has two New iPad's (3rd Generation), two Nexus 7's, a Nook HD and a Kindle Fire HD. Current students and employees can check out one of these devices for a two week period (one device at a time). The Nook, Kindle and iPad's come with a few apps installed, similar to what we hope a typical user would install on the tool if it were their own. Let us know if you want to test a particular app, if it's not loaded, we can try to install it for you. Users with iTunes accounts can logon and install their own apps. The Nexus 7's need to be registered for each new user (it only takes a few minutes). Then the user has the ability to download the apps they wish to use.

Plan on spending a few minutes with one of the librarians, to check it out, set it up and get a short tutorial.

For the KJS Library policy regarding lending devices, click here.