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Library Display Cases

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Cappuccino Corner Display Case

General Description

The two display cases located in the Cappuccino Corner café are optimally located in a public area viewable by students, faculty, staff and visitors. It is an ideal location for a variety of displays promoting academic achievements of students, clubs and departments, or for educational displays.

Each display case is lockable and measures 6' 10' across and is 3' 10" tall. Each case has a bulletin board type surface along the back wall. They both also have supports and glass shelves that can be used to display materials.


Scheduling of displays:

  • One or both cases can be reserved for a display for the duration of one month or two weeks.
  • The cases are reserved on a first come, first serve basis, arranged through the library (Mary June).
  • An academic department/school has priority for use and may reserve the display case for more than one period, provided there are no requests from other academic areas that have not yet used the display cases. A limit on the number of times a department or organization reserves the cases may need to be implemented if there is a problem with one department or organization monopolizing the schedule for the cases.

Authorized Users and Use of Cases:

  • Quality displays by Academic departments promoting: awards, programs, senior projects, conferences, etc.
  • Quality displays by student groups/clubs/organizations promoting: awards, programs, activities, informational displays, etc.
  • Quality displays by university departments promoting: services, awards, programs, educational displays on current or informational topics/subjects, etc.


  • The sponsoring department, organization, individual, or entity that installs the display is responsible for the removal of the display in time for the next scheduled display to be installed. Failure to act in a timely manner will result in the library withdrawing the material and barring the entity from further displays for the next fiscal year.
  • The glass shelving and supports should not be removed from the cases.
  • The case should be left in usable condition for the next display.
  • Staples or bulletin board pins may be used to display materials on the bulletin board backing. No nails are allowed.

Effective Spring Semeter 2011