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  1. View of city showing the bridge of Mont-Blanc and the cathedral.
  2. United Nations building. Black & white.



  1. Grindelwald. First—Five views of the chair lift and sights seen on the ride. Mountains and chalets.
  2. Grindelwald – First—Five views, two showing the chair lift, one with cattle, children in traditional dress, mountain scenery.
  3. Grindelwald, die Firstbahn—Chair lift with three mountain peaks in background. Black & white.
  4. View of the mountain Fiescherwand. Black & white. Addressed to: Doctor David Hughes, Wyncote, PA. From: Fred. June 6, 1957.


Jungfrau Region

  1. Jungfraubahn, Jungfraujoch—Six views of the area including the train station, train, and snow-covered mountain peaks. Picture captions in German. Black & white.
  2. View of Jungfraujoch from the Hotel Berghaus. Three crows(?) in foreground. Black & white.
  3. Jungfraujoch with buildings and Mönch peak in background. Black & white.
  4. Die Jungfrau—Two postcards. One addressed: Mrs. John R. Noon, Wyncote, PA. From: Jack. Aug. 23, 1958.
  5. Interlaken with Jungfrau in background.
  6. Interlaken viewed from high trail. Children in traditional dress in foreground; city below; Mönch and Jungfrau in background.
  7. Interlaken with Jungfrau and Mönch in background. Black & white.
  8. Beatenberg bei Interlaken with Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau peaks in background. Black & white.
  9. Four mountain peaks—Mürren, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Black & white.
  10. Man with Swiss flag on hill. Die Jungfrau in background. Black & white. Addressed to: Mrs. Frank R. Hughes, Cape May, NJ. From: David. Aug. 22, 1958.
  11. Postcard booklet—Jungfraubahn, Berner Oberland. Ten separate pictures including the Jungfrau and other peaks, research institute buildings, sled dog, and train, in paper folder. Black & white. 7 x 9 cm.


Lake Geneva

  1. Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) in foreground with the Dents du Midi mountains in background. Black & white.



  1. Locarno, Lungolago. City along shoreline with boat on lake.
  2. Locarno-Muralto—City in foreground; Lake Maggiore in background.



  1. Lugano-Paradiso—Panorama of city and mountains. Flowering tree in foreground. Black & white.
  2. Lugano-Panorama printed on front of card. City with mountains in background. Black & white.
  3. Lake Lugano—Dock with striped posts in foreground. Black & white.
  4. Lugano with Monte San Salvatore.



  1. Lucerne and the Mountains—Two-spired church in foreground.
  2. Lucerne and Mount PilatusLake in foreground.
  3. Lucerne, Chapel Bridge and Mount Pilatus—Two postcards. One addressed to: Mrs. Frank R. Hughes, Cape May, NJ. From: David. Aug. 20, 1958.
  4. Grand Hôtel National.
  5. The Lion Monument (Löwendenkmal). Black & white.
  6. The Lion Monument (Löwendenkmal) with pool in foreground. Black & white.
  7. Hotel Montana. Addressed to: Mrs. Frank R. Hughes, Cape May, NJ. Postmark [Aug. or Sept.] 1958. No other writing on postcard.



  1. Magnolia blossoms in March.
  2. Castle of Châtelard, Montreux-Clarens and the Alps of Savoy in April.
  3. April in Montreux. View of people, lake with boat, and the Dents-du-Midi in background.
  4. Souvenir du Château de Chillon—Six view, one of castle interior.
  5. Castle of Chillon and Dents-du-Midi in April.
  6. Castle of Chillon and Dents-du-Midi. Black & white. Addressed to: Mrs. Frank R. Hughes, Cape May, NJ. From: David. Aug. 23, 1958.
  7. Montreux Church and Dents-du-Midi. Vineyard in foreground, lake, mountains. Fall colors.
  8. Montreux-Territet.
  9. Narcissi fields in Caux above Montreux.
  10. Territet-Montreux-ClarensNine views. Addressed to: The Hughes Family, Cape May, NJ. From: Mother. July 8, 1954.
  11. Montreux and Dents-du-Midi.
  12. Passenger boat in foreground; le Rochers de Naye in background. Black & white. Addressed to: Mrs. John R. Noon, [Sr.?], Wyncote, PA. From: Jack. Postmark: 1958.
  13. Montreux and Rochers-de-Naye, beginning of October.
  14. Two men in vineyard.
  15. Montreux-Palace (no. 875). Black & white.
  16. Hotel Eden. Black & white.



  1. Painting—St. Gotthardpost by Rudolf Koller—Horse-drawn coach racing down a mountain trail with a calf running in front. Postcard from the Hotel St. Gotthard.
  2. Hotel St. Gotthard.
  3. Hotel St. Gotthard—Interior view showing the Hummer- and Austern-Bar.
  4. City view showing two-steepled church. Postcard from Haus Zum Rüden restaurant.



  1. Four storks on chimney nest. Addressed to: John R. Noon Jr., M.D., Wyncote, PA. From: Lulu. June 29, 1954.



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