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  1. St. Mary's Church, Nottingham. Black & white.
  2. Salisbury Cathedral from the River—River in foreground; cathedral in background. Sepia-toned.
  3. Salisbury Cathedral—Chapter House, interior. Sepia-toned.
  4. Salisbury Cathedral—The Nave. Sepia-toned.
  5. Winchester Cathedral. Southeast corner of transept. Sepia-toned.
  6. Winchester Cathedral. The Nave, looking east. Sepia-toned.
  7. Wells Cathedral—West front.
  8. Wells Cathedral—Interior, the choir. Black & white.
  9. Wells Cathedral—The clock. Black & white.



  1. Great Fosters, Egham—Front entrance; gate in foreground. Black & white.
  2. Great Fosters, Egham—Front entrance within gate. Black & white.
  3. Great Fosters, Egham—Topiary garden in foreground; building in background. Black & white.
  4. Great Fosters, Egham—Sunken Rose Garden. Black & white.
  5. Great Fosters, EghamThe moat viewed through an arch, with three swans and arched bridge. Black & white.
  6. Great Fosters, EghamThe moat with one swan and white bridge in background. Black & white.
  7. Great Fosters, EghamThe Rose Walk. Black & white.
  8. Great Fosters, Egham—Interior, tapestry room. Black & white.
  9. Great Fosters, Egham—Interior, Tythe Barn. Black & white.
  10. Haddon Hall—Bridge over River Wye in foreground; Hall in background. Sepia-toned.
  11. Haddon Hall—Entrance tower. Sepia-toned.
  12. Haddon Hall—South front from steps. Sepia-toned.
  13. Haddon Hall—Lower courtyard. Sepia-toned.
  14. Haddon Hall—Upper courtyard. Sepia-toned.
  15. Haddon Hall—Terrace steps. Sepia-toned.
  16. Haddon Hall—Dorothy Vernon's Steps. Sepia-toned.
  17. Haddon Hall—Dorothy Vernon's Walk. Sepia-toned.
  18. Haddon Hall—Dorothy Vernon's Bridge. Sepia-toned.
  19. Haddon Hall—Interior, Long Gallery. Sepia-toned.
  20. Haddon Hall—Interior, banqueting hall. Sepia-toned.
  21. Haddon Hall—Interior, Chapel. Sepia-toned.
  22. Hampton Court Palace—The Sunk Garden in foreground; palace in background; black & white.
  23. Hampton Court Palace—Wrought iron panel. Sepia-toned.
  24. Leonardslee.
  25. Leonardslee Gardens—View of Mossy Ghyll.
  26. Leonardslee GardensThe Rock Garden. Addressed to: Mrs. John R. Noon, Sr., Wyncote, PA. From: Lulu. May 17, 1954.
  27. Stourhead Pleasure Grounds—The Green Bridge and Pantheon. Black & white.
  28. Tintinhull House, Somerset—Western façade seen from the garden. Black & white.
  29. Warwick Castle, Clock Tower and guy's Tower. Black & white. Addressed to: David W. Hughes, M.D., Philadelphia, PA. From: Mother. Postmark: May 22, 1954.
  30. Warwick Castle—Part of the ramparts. Black & white.
  31. Warwick Castle—Interior, the Great Hall. Addressed to: Master David Alan Hughes, Cape May, NJ. From: Nana. May 20, 1954.



  1. Greetings from LondonFour views: Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square. Sepia-toned. Addressed to. [Salome?] V. Holloway, Cape May, NJ. June 19, 1954.
  2. Best Wishes from LondonChanging the guard, Buckingham Palace. Postcard has flap that opens to fold-out of eight black & white pictures of famous London sights.
  3. Big Ben and Statue of Boadicea.
  4. The Mansion House and the Lord Mayor's Coachman. Color drawing.
  5. Piccadilly Circus and a Flower Seller. Color drawing.
  6. St. James Palace and an Officer of the King's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard. Color drawing.
  7. Changing the Guard at St. James's Palace. Color drawing.
  8. The Irish Guards Leaving St. James's Palace after Changing Guard. Color drawing.
  9. Tower Bridge. Tree and people in foreground; bridge in background.
  10. Tower Bridge—View shows bridge open with boat underneath. Color drawing. Addressed to: David Allen Hughes, Cape May, NJ. From: Charlotte K. Stevens. Postmark: July 9, 1954.
  11. The Tower Bridge and the Senior Head Watchman of the Bridge. Color drawing.
  12. Tower of LondonThe White Tower. Black & white.
  13. Tower of London—The Bell Tower with the Byward Tower behind.
  14. Tower of London—Ceremony of the Keys. Color drawing.
  15. Tower of London—The Governor Inspecting the Guard.
  16. Tower of London—Inspection of Yeomen Warders.
  17. Trafalgar Square—Nelson's Monument.
  18. Trafalgar Square and Lord Nelson. Color drawing.
  19. Westminster Abbey and Two Choristers. Color drawing.
  20. Whitehall--Horse Guard Sentries; one on horse; one standing. Color drawing.
  21. WhitehallChanging of the Guard; white horse in foreground. Color drawing.
  22. Whitehall—The Royal Horse Guards at the Changing of the Guard; single row of horses with one lead horse in front. Color drawing.
  23. Whitehall—Horse Guards, Changing of the Guard; row of horses in foreground and background. Color drawing.
  24. Whitehall—Horse Guards Parade; led by two pipers.
  25. Royal Proclamation of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II—Horse drawn coach in center.
  26. Imperial State Crown.
  27. The Band of the Grenadier Guards in the Mall. Color drawing.
  28. Foot Guard on Sentry Duty—Shows guard and little boy. Addressed to: Mrs. Lulu Hughes, Cape May, NJ. From: [Eliz and Ed?].



  1. Anne Hathaway's Cottage. Color drawing. Addressed to: David W. Hughes, M.D., Philadelphia, PA. From: Mother. May 20, 1954.
  2. Holy Trinity Church. Sepia-toned.
  3. The Sanctuary, Parish Church. Sepia-toned.


Other Places in England

  1. BournemouthBranksome Tower Hotel. Black & white.
  2. Bourton-on-the-Water—The Model Village.
  3. Bourton-on-the-Water--The Model Village. Black & white.
  4. Cambridge--University Arms. Sepia-toned. Addressed to: Mrs. J. R. Noon Sr., Wyncote, PA. From: Lulu. May 24, 1954.
  5. ChesterEastgate. Addressed to: David W. Hughes, M.D., Philadelphia, PA. From: Mother. Postmark: May 22, 1954.
  6. ChesterThe Cross.
  7. Isle of Wight—Shows bathers and boaters on seashore.
  8. LudlowThe Feathers Hotel. Black & white sketch.
  9. OxfordMagdalen College. Entrance to Water Walk. Addressed to: John R. Noon, M.D., Wyncote, PA. May 30, 1954.
  10. ShaftesburyChevy Chase Sideboard at the Grosvenor Hotel. Sepia-toned.
  11. Stonehenge Sunrise (no.A6).



  1. BraemarLooking west. Sepia-toned. Trip notes on back. June 22, 1954.
  2. A Hearty Greetin' frae CallanderFour views: Callander, looking east; Ben Ledi; Pass of Leny; River Teith and bridge. Sepia-toned. Trip notes on back. Signed: Mother. June 24, 1954.
  3. A Small Scotch from CallanderFour views: Valley of the Leny; Loch Lubnaig; Falls of Leny; Callander & Loch Vennachar. Sepia-toned. Addressed to: David W. Hughes, M.D., Philadelphia, PA. From: Mother. June 22, 1954.
  4. Edinburgh Castle—Changing the Guard. Color drawing. Addressed to: Miss Marian [illegible last name].
  5. Edinburgh Castle—Pipe Bands. Color drawing. Addressed to: Miss Linda Jean Hughes, Cape May, NJ. From: Nana. June 20, 1954.
  6. Highland Cattle Near Taynuilt, Argyll. Sepia-toned.
  7. Inverness—In the Land of the Kilt and Tartan. Pipe band in foreground; castle in background. Two postcards. One addressed to: David Alan Hughes, Cape May, NJ. From: Nana. June 24, 1954.
  8. Loch Katrine, Trossachs—Ellen's Isle. Color drawing. Addressed to: Miss Linda Jean Hughes, Cape May, NJ. Signed: Aunt Charlotte. Postmark July 9, 1954.
  9. Loch Katrine and Ellen's Isle from Ben Venue. Color drawing. Addressed to: Mrs. Edith B. Noon, Sr., Wyncote, PA. June 22, 1954.
  10. Loch Lochy. Flowering rhododendron in foreground.
  11. Loch Ness—Castle Urquhart. Color drawing.



  1. My Hat! What a Mouthful—Portrait of woman with black stovepipe hat. Hat opens up to a fold-out paper that contains a long Welsh name. Color drawing. Addressed to: John R. Noon, M.D., Wyncote, PA. From: Lulu. May 22, 1954.
  2. Welsh Greetings from Conway—Welsh Tea Party. Color drawing. Postcard opens up to a fold-out paper that contains eight scenes from Conway. Addressed to: David W. Hughes, M.D., Philadelphia, PA. May 23, 1954.
  3. ConwayAberconway & Castle. Color drawing.
  4. ConwayConway Castle and Suspension Bridge. Black & white.
  5. Conway--Conway Castle. Entrance and Car Park from Castle Street. Black & white.
  6. Welsh Women--Women in red capes and black stovepipe hats having tea outdoors in front of stone house.



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