LSSU New Acquisitions

                                                                 AUGUST 2011

                                                         LSSU Foundation Grant Ctr

  AS911.A2 F594 2011

          Foundation grants to individuals / Claire Charles, editor.

  AS911.A2 F687 2011

          Foundation growth and giving estimates : current outlook

           / Steven Lawrence, Reina Mukai.  Lawrence, Steven,

                                                                            LSSU Lib

  BF173.F85 R48

          Freud; the mind of the moralist.  Rieff, Philip, 1922-

  BL900 .G725 1996

          Celtic goddesses : warriors, virgins, and mothers /

  D13 .B561 1953

          Historian's craft; introd. by Joseph R. Strayer. Translated

          from the French by Peter Putnam.  Bloch, Marc Léopold

  D16 .E4

          Practice of history [by] G.R. Elton.  Elton, G. R.

  D228 .E4 1964

          Reformation Europe, 1517-1559.  Elton, G. R. (Geoffrey

  D720 .S66 1972

          Broken world, 1919-1939, by Raymond J. Sontag. 

  D757 .L5 1948

          German generals talk.  Liddell Hart, Basil Henry, Sir,

  D764 .Z493

          Stalingrad to Berlin : the German defeat in the east / Earl

          F. Ziemke.  Ziemke, Earl Frederick, 1922-    Office of the

  D804.G42 D3

          Trial of the Germans; an account of the twenty-two

          defendants before the International Military Tribunal at

  D811.5 .S6

          People on our side, by Edgar Snow.  Snow, Edgar, 1905-

  DA245 .J3 1961

          Fifteenth century, 1399-1485.  Jacob, E. F. (Ernest

  DA355 .L84 1973

          Gloriana; the years of Elizabeth I, by Mary M. Luke. 

  DK240 .L56 1983

          In war's dark shadow : the Russians before the Great War

  DK266 .G3713 1986

          Utopia in power : the history of the Soviet Union from

          1917 to the present / by Mikhail Heller and Aleksandr

  DK266.3 .P4

          Penkovsky papers / by Oleg Penkovskiy ; introduction

          and commentary by Frank Gibney ; foreword by Edward

  DK267 .H48 1933

          Great offensive / Maurice Hindus.  Hindus, Maurice

  DK288 .S59 1990

          New Russians / Hedrick Smith.  Smith, Hedrick.  1st ed. 

  DK288 .S64 1987

          Behind the high Kremlin walls / Vladimir Solovyov &

          Elena Klepikova ; translated by Guy Daniels in

  DK288 .T38 1989

          Moscow spring / William and Jane Taubman.  Taubman,

  DK781.M3 S35 1942

          Behind the Urals : an American worker in Russia's city of

           steel / by John Scott.  Scott, John, 1912-1976.   

  DL65 .F467 2009

          Vikings : a history / Robert Ferguson.  Ferguson, Robert,

  DT282 .F21

          Dying colonialism / Frantz Fanon ; translated from the

          French by Haakon Chevalier, with an introduction by

  DU115 .H78 1988

          Fatal shore / Robert Hughes.  Hughes, Robert, 1938-  1st

  E185.97 .W235 1962

          Booker T. Washington and his critics; the problem of

  E468 .H24 1962

          Civil War.  Hansen, Harry, 1884-  [1st ed.]   Duell, Sloan

  E680 .P73

          Politics of inertia; the election of 1876 and the end of

          Reconstruction.  Polakoff, Keith Ian.    Louisiana State

  F1059.5.S25 T67 1976

          Good place to come from / Morley Torgov.  Torgov,

  G530.A244 H63

          Saved! : The story of the Andrea Doria, the greatest sea

          rescue in history / William Hoffer.  Hoffer, William.   

  GN751 .R6 1973

          Edgar Cayce's story of the origin and destiny of man /

          Lytle Robinson.  Robinson, Lytle W.  Berkley medallion

  GT3353 .C64 1975

          Body snatchers / Daniel Cohen.  Cohen, Daniel, 1936- 

  GV424 .H63

          Playgrounds for free : the utilization of used and surplus

          materials in playground construction / Paul Hogan. 

  GV1201 .R63 1984

          Silver bullets : a guide to initiative problems, adventure

          games, stunts and trust activities / by Karl Rohnke. 

  GV1201 .R63 1984

          Silver bullets : a guide to initiative problems, adventure

          games, stunts and trust activities / by Karl Rohnke. 

  GV1547 .H6

          Houdini on magic, compiled and edited by Walter B.

          Gibson and Morris N. Young.  Houdini, Harry, 1874-

  GV1593 .H43 1957

          Dance; a creative art experience. With dance sketches by

          Wayne Lm. Claxton.  H'Doubler, Margaret Newell, 1889-

  HD5827 .A52

          Japanese working life profile / the Japan Institute of

  HD8271 .L332

          Labor situation in Japan and analysis.     Japan Institute

  HM1 .A763

          Annual review of sociology.     Annual Reviews Inc.

  HN530.Z9 S6465 1987

          Klass : how Russians really live / David K. Willis. 

  HV41 .L53

          Street-level bureaucracy : dilemmas of the individual in

          public services / Michael Lipsky.  Lipsky, Michael.   

  HV5805.A48 A36

          Transit point Moscow / Gerald Amster and Bernard

          Asbell.  Amster, Gerald, 1943-  1st ed.   Holt, Rinehart

  HV6529 .L5 1985

          Mass murder : America's growing menace / Jack Levin

  HV6529 .S45 1998

          Serial killers : death and life in America's wound culture /

  HV6545 .L43 1983

          Why people kill themselves : a 1980's summary of

          research findings on suicidal behavior / by David Lester. 

  HV6561 .F67

          Forcible rape : the crime, the victim, and the offender / by

           Duncan Chappell, Robley Geis and Gilbert Geis, editors.

  HV8225 .B373 1985

          KGB today : the hidden hand / John Barron.  Barron,

  HV8959.R9 D57

          Alexander Dolgun's story : an American in the Gulag / by

          Alexander Dolgun with Patrick Watson.  Dolgun,

  HV9069 .G5395

          Of delinquency and crime : a panorama of years of search

           and research / by Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck.  Glueck,

  HV9471 .B87

          Women in prison.  Burkhart, Kathryn Watterson.  [1st

  HV9475.W22 W373

          Joint : language and culture in a maximum security prison

           / by Inez Cardozo-Freeman, in collaboration with

          Eugene P. Delorme ; with the technical assistance of

  HX11.I5 B53

          First International in America / by Samuel Bernstein. 

  J80 .A283

          Public papers of the Presidents of the United States,

          George W. Bush : 2001-  United States. President (2001-

  JK271 .S577 1988

          Power game : how Washington works / Hedrick Smith. 

  JK2249 .G76 1996

          Political racket : deceit, self-interest, and corruption in

          American politics / Martin L. Gross.  Gross, Martin L.

  N8050 .A683

          Christ's image. Translated from the French by Lionel

          Izod. Illus. selected by Michel Deon. Book design by

  ND623.L5 A15 1970

          Literary works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Compiled & edited

           from the original manuscripts by Jean Paul Richter. 

  NE1860.N4 A3 1968

          Fine art reproductions of old & modern masters: a

          comprehensive illustrated catalog of art through the ages /

  PA3872 .E5 2009

          Jason and the golden fleece : (the Argonautica) /

          Apollonius of Rhodes ; translated with an introduction

  PH135 .R91 1987

          Conversational Finnish workbook = Suomea keskustellen

           työkirja / by Aili Rytkönen-Bell, with the assistance

          of H. David Argoff, Pirjo Gezari, Kaija Juusela, Marjukka

  PN2101 .N64 1967

          Development of the theatre; a study of theatrical art from

          the beginnings to the present day.  Nicoll, Allardyce,

  PN3448.D4 C86 1990

          Cunning craft : original essays on detective fiction and

          contemporary literary theory / edited by Ronald G.

  PN6726 .B37 2006

          Best American comics 2006 / edited and with an

          introduction by Harvey Pekar ; Anne Elizabeth Moore,

  PN6726 .B47 2009

          Best American comics 2009 / edited and with an

  PN6727.L684 B39 2009

          Bayou. Volume one / created by Jeremy Love ; colors by

  PQ1237.F2 B4

          Let's get a divorce! and other plays.  Bentley, Eric, 1916-

  PQ2605.A3734 M91

          Myth of Sisyphus, and other essays, translated from the

          French by Justin O'Brien.  Camus, Albert, 1913-1960.   

  PQ4155 .D826 1966

          Italian comedy; the improvisation, scenarios, lives,

          attributes, portraits, and masks of the illustrious

          characters of the commedia dell'arte. With a new pictorial

  PR2665 .A175 1966

          Edward II; [a play] edited by H.B. Charlton and R.D.

  PR3588 .K45

          Living Milton; essays by various hands.  Kermode, Frank,

  PR3671 .R7 1956a

          Critical works. Edited with an introd. and notes by Curt

          A. Zimansky.  Rymer, Thomas, 1641-1713.    Yale

  PR4037 .H38

          Discussions of Jane Austen/ Edited with an Introduction

  PR6052.R82 C4

          Channel shore / by Charles Bruce.  Bruce, Charles, 1906-

  PS153.I52 N37 1989

          Narrative chance : postmodern discourse on native

          American Indian literatures / edited by Gerald Vizenor.   

  PS1331 .L42

          Casebook on Mark Twain's wound.  Leary, Lewis Gaston,

  PS2033 .C23

          Realist at war; the mature years, 1885-1920, of William

          Dean Howells.  Cady, Edwin Harrison.    Syracuse

  PS2116.D33 S7

          James's Daisy Miller : the story, the play, the critics /

  PS3505 .U334 1954

          Poems, 1923-1954.  Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin),

  PS3513.U89 B5

          Big it, and other stories. [By] A.B. Guthrie, Jr.  Guthrie,

  PS3552.A73184 S8

          Superior death / Nevada Barr.  Barr, Nevada.    Berkley

  PS3557.A325 O43 1991

          Old bones and northern memories / written by Cully

  PS3571.P4 Z7

          John Updike; a critical essay, by Alice and Kenneth

  PZ74.3 .N39

          Navidad [Texto impreso] : villancicos, pastorelas,

  Q125 .I5 1957

          Critical problems in the history of science; proceedings.

          Edited by Marshall Clagett.  Institute for the History of

  QB981 .B712

          Rival theories of cosmology; a symposium and discussion

           of modern theories of the structure of the universe [by]

  QD261 .S62m

          Manual of physical methods in organic chemistry [by] F.

          L. J. Sixma [and] Hans Wynberg.  Sixma, Frederik

  QH102 .O47

          Singing wilderness/ Ill. by Francis Lee Jaques.  Olson,

  QH104 .L327 2008

          Large-scale ecosystem restoration : five case studies from

          the United States / edited by Mary Doyle and Cynthia A.

  QH541.15.R45 C54

          Ecological restoration : principles, values, and structure

          of an emerging profession / Andre F. Clewell and James

  QK1 .A48

          Annual review of plant biology     Annual Reviews Inc.,

  QK603.2 .L37 1977

          How to identify mushrooms to genus I : macroscopic

          features / by David Largent ; illus. by Sharon Hadley ;

  QL671 .L57

          Living bird.     Laboratory of Ornithology, Cornell

  QL708 .L38

          Handbook to the orders and families of living mammals /

          by Timothy E. Lawlor ; illustrated by Denise Robertson

  QL753 .H45 2004

          Winter world : the ingenuity of animal survival / Bernd

  QL756.55 .S38 2008

          Dark banquet : blood and the curious lives of blood-

          feeding creatures / Bill Schutt ; illustrated by Patricia J.

  QP501 .A61

          Annual review of biochemistry.     Stanford University

  R134 .Y68

          Scalpel : men who made surgery / [by] Agatha Young

  RC488.5 .S24 1983

          Satir step by step : a guide to creating change in families /

           Virginia Satir & Michele Baldwin.  Satir, Virginia.   

  RC506 .L58

          Adolescents; psychoanalytic approach to problems and

          therapy, by 19 contributors. Edited by Sandor Lorand and

  RT84.5 .V47 1990

          Visions of Rogers' science-based nursing / Elizabeth Ann

  U55.S82 A34 1988

          My life in the Soviet Army : the "liberators" / Viktor

  UB251.S65 S54 1986

          Dezinformatsia : active measures in Soviet strategy /

          Richard H. Shultz and Roy Godson.  Shultz, Richard H.,

  UB271.R92 L435 1989

          On the wrong side : my life in the KGB / Stanislav

  UB271.R92 P45 1986

          My silent war / Kim Philby ; introduction by Graham

  UB271.R92 W342 1987

          Breaking the ring / John Barron.  Barron, John, 1930-   

  UB271.U52 S437 1986

          Breaking with Moscow / Arkady N. Shevchenko. 

                                                                           LSSU Mich

  F572.C54 T65 1999

          Faces of Chippewa County / by Deidre Stevens

                                                                            LSSU Ref

  D410 .F3

          Facts on file world news digest yearbook.     Facts on File

  JK2403 .B6

          Book of the States.     Council of State Governments.

  KF3365.L3 L2

          Labor arbitration reports.     Bureau of National Affairs,

  KF3365.L3 L2

          Labor arbitration reports.     Bureau of National Affairs,

  KF3365.L3 L2

          Labor arbitration reports.     Bureau of National Affairs,

  KF3365.L3 L2

          Labor arbitration reports.     Bureau of National Affairs,

  KF3365.L3 L2

          Labor arbitration reports.     Bureau of National Affairs,

  KF3365.L3 L2

          Labor arbitration reports.     Bureau of National Affairs,

  L111 .A6

          Digest of education statistics.     U.S. Dept. of Health,

          Education, and Welfare, Education Division, National

                                                                       LSSU Ref Law

  KFM4230 .A232

          Michigan compiled laws annotated.  Michigan.    West

  KFM4245 .A512

          Michigan reporter : covering cases reported in North

  KFM4245 .A514

          West's Michigan digest 2d.     West Pub. Co.,

  KFM4245 .A514

          West's Michigan digest 2d.     West Pub. Co.,

  KFM4729 .A2

          Michigan court rules practice. Text.  Michigan. Supreme

  KFM4740.A39 M53

          Michigan court rules practice. Courtroom handbook on

  KFM4761.A29 M53

          West's Michigan criminal laws and rules.  Michigan.