LSSU New Acquisitions

                                                           DECEMBER 2010

                                                              LSSU CDs (Main Floor)

  RG951 .M38 2009

          Maternal-child nursing / Emily Slone McKinney ... [et al.].   3rd ed.   Saunders/Elsevier,

  RM811 .A64 2009

          Aquatic exercise for rehabilitation and training / Lori Thein Brody, Paula Richley Geigle, editors.     Human Kinetics,

                                                                            LSSU Lib

  BQ7080 .S72 1970

          Buddhist sects of Japan, their history, philosophical doctrines and sanctuaries, by E. Steinilber-Oberlin, with the

          collaboration of Kuni Matsuo. Translated from the French by Marc Logeżż.  Steinilber-Oberlin, E. (Emile), b. 1878.   

          Greenwood Press

  CB156 .D3313 1999

          Chariots of the gods : unsolved mysteries of the past / Erich von Dażżniken ; translated by Michael Heron.  Dażżniken,

          Erich von, 1935-  Special ed., Berkley trade paperback ed.   Berkley Books,

  D25.5 .K27 1996

          On the origins of war and the preservation of peace / Donald Kagan.  Kagan, Donald.  1st Anchor Books ed.   Anchor


  D767.99.O45 G36 2010

          Twilight warriors : the deadliest naval battle of World War II and the men who fought it / Robert Gandt.  Gandt, Robert

          L.  1st ed.   Broadway Books,

  D774.P5 W56 2005

          Battle of Leyte Gulf : the last fleet action / H.P. Willmott.  Willmott, H. P.    Indiana University Press,

  DC61.P958 F62 2009

          Provence & the French Riviera.   8th ed.   Fodor's,

  DK191 .H37 1994

          Alexander I / Janet M. Hartley.  Hartley, Janet M.    Longman,

  DQ16 .F5 2009

          Fodor's Switzerland / [editor Robert I. C. Fisher].   45th ed.   Fodor's Travel Pub.,

  DS79.76 .R535 2006

          Fiasco : the American military adventure in Iraq / Thomas E. Ricks.  Ricks, Thomas E.    Penguin Press,

  DS559.9.H38 B47 1991

          Dynamics of defeat : the Vietnam War in Hau Nghia Province / Eric M. Bergerud.  Bergerud, Eric M.    Westview Press,

  DS881.3 .H257 2001

          Japan through American eyes : the journal of Francis Hall, 1859-1866 / edited, annotated, and abridged by F. G.

          Notehelfer.  Hall, Francis.    Westview Press,

  E83.876 .P47 2010

          Last stand : Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn / Nathaniel Philbrick.  Philbrick, Nathaniel.   


  E99.H79 C73 2009

          At Standing Rock and Wounded Knee : the journals and papers of Father Francis M. Craft, 1888-1890 / edited and

          annotated by Thomas W. Foley ; foreword by Michael F. Steltenkamp.  Craft, Francis M.    Arthur H. Clark Co., An

          imprint of the University of Ok

  E99.O3 B539 2009

          Nicholas Black Elk : medicine man, missionary, mystic / by Michael F. Steltenkamp.  Steltenkamp, Michael F.   

          University of Oklahoma Press,

  E302.5 .F676 2008

          Founders on the founders : word portraits from the American revolutionary era / edited by John P. Kaminski.    

          University of Virginia Press,

  E806 .D57 2009

          Dancing in the dark : a cultural history of the Great Depression / Morris Dickstein.  Dickstein, Morris.  1st ed.   W.W.


  G156.5.H47 F34 2006

          From Stonehenge to Samarkand : an anthology of archaeological travel writing / Brian Fagan.  Fagan, Brian M.   

          Oxford University Press,

  GN751 .H293 1995

          Fingerprints of the gods / Graham Hancock ; photographs by Santha Faiia.  Hancock, Graham.  1st American ed.   Three

          Rivers Press,

  GV711.5 .E88 2008

          Essentials of strength training and conditioning / National Strength and Conditioning Association ; Thomas R. Baechle,

          Roger W. Earle, editors.   3rd ed.   Human Kinetics,

  GV848.5 .F53 2009

          Playing with fire / Theo Fleury with Kirstie McLellan Day.  Fleury, Theo, 1968-    Triumph Books,

  GV848.5.K46 A3 2006

          Why I didn't say anything : the Sheldon Kennedy story / Sheldon Kennedy ; with James Grainger.  Kennedy, Sheldon.   

          Insomniac Press,

  HB119.G74 F55 2008

          Greenspan's bubbles : the age of ignorance at the Federal Reserve / William A. Fleckenstein with Frederick Sheehan. 

          Fleckenstein, William A.    McGraw-Hill,

  HB171 .H47 2008

          Economics in one lesson / Henry Hazlitt ; introduction by Walter Block.  Hazlitt, Henry, 1894-1993.    Ludwig von

          Mises Institute,

  HC106.82 .H39 2000

          Natural capitalism : creating the next industrial revolution / Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, and L. Hunter Lovins. 

          Hawken, Paul.  1st Back Bay pbk. ed.   Little, Brown and Co.,

  HN733 .F35 2006

          Chinese society in the age of Confucius (1000-250 BC) : the archaeological evidence / Lothar von Falkenhausen. 

          Falkenhausen, Lothar von.    Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, University of California,

  HV8077 .S34 2000

          Current methods in forensic gunshot residue analysis / A.J. Schwoeble, David L. Exline.  Schwoeble, A. J.    CRC Press,

  JZ1242 .B76 1973

          War and politics.  Brodie, Bernard, 1910-1978.    Macmillan

  LB1028 .R43

          Review of research in education.     F. E. Peacock Publishers.

  LB2365.R4 N3

          Yearbook of the National Reading Conference.  National Reading Conference (U.S.). Meeting.    Texas Christian

          University Press,

  ML421.B4 H54 2004

          Beatles: unseen archives. / compiled by Tim Hill and Marie Clayton.     Barnes & Noble Books;

  N8354 .A73 2002

          Art, women, California 1950-2000 : parallels and intersections / editors Diana Burgess Fuller and Daniela Salvioni ;

          poetry editor Gail Tsukiyama ; editorial assistant Deborah Munk.     University of California Press,

  NX512.R58 A2 1992

          What did I do? : the unauthorized autobiography / Larry Rivers, with Arnold Weinstein.  Rivers, Larry, 1925-2002.  1st

          ed.   HarperCollins Publishers,

  PN4874.G67 A32

          Rest of the story / Sheilah Graham.  Graham, Sheilah.    Coward-McCann, Inc.,

  PR143 .W55 2004

          Wild things : children's culture and ecocriticism / edited by Sidney I. Dobrin and Kenneth B. Kidd.     Wayne State

          University Press,

  PR2888 .C3

          Shakespeare survey.     Cambridge University Press.

  PR6045.O59 H38 1972

          Haunted house : and other short stories / Virginia Woolf.  Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941.    Harcourt, Brace & World,

  PR6058.O47 Z464 2001

          Basil Street blues / Michael Holroyd.  Holroyd, Michael.    W.W. Norton,

  PR9084 .H84 2010

          Postcolonial ecocriticism : literature, animals, environment / Graham Huggan and Helen Tiffin.  Huggan, Graham,

          1958-    Routledge,

  PrEx 14.2:N 21/2

          United States of America national report / United Nations Conference on Environment & Development.     Council on

          Environmental Quality,

  PS169.E25 S58 2008

          Going away to think : engagement, retreat, and ecocritical responsibility / Scott Slovic.  Slovic, Scott, 1960-   

          University of Nevada Press,

  PS3515.E37 Z575 1969

          Ernest Hemingway; a life story / by Carlos Baker.  Baker, Carlos, 1909-1987.    Scribner,

  PS3552.R685434 L67 2009

          Lost symbol : a novel / Dan Brown.  Brown, Dan, 1964-  1st ed.   Doubleday,

  PS3603.A4535 D64 2010

          Dog's purpose / W. Bruce Cameron.  Cameron, W. Bruce.  1st ed.   Forge,

  QC16.D57 F37 2009

          Strangest man : the hidden life of Paul Dirac, mystic of the atom / Graham Farmelo.  Farmelo, Graham.    Basic Books,

  QD31 .G84 2010

          Essentials of general, organic, and biochemistry: An integrated approach ./ Denise Guinn, Rebecca Brewer  Guinn,

          Denise    W. H. Freeman,

  QD96.N8 J33 2007

          NMR spectroscopy explained : simplified theory, applications and examples for organic chemistry and structural biology

           / Neil E. Jacobsen.  Jacobsen, Neil E.    Wiley-Interscience,

  QD96.N8 P37 2008

          NMR primer : an HSQC-based approach with vector animations / by Steven M. Pascal; animations by Jennie M.

          McKelvie.  Pascal, Steven M.    IM Publications,

  QD251.3 .V65 2007

          Organic chemistry : structure and function / K. Peter C. Vollhardt, Neil E. Schore.  Vollhardt, K. Peter C.  5th ed.   W.H.


  QD272.S6 P38 2001

          Introduction to spectroscopy : a guide for students of organic chemistry / Donald L. Pavia, Gary M. Lampman, George

          S. Kriz.  Pavia, Donald L.  3rd ed.   Brooks-Cole,

  QE440 .R43 2005

          Electron microprobe analysis and scanning electron microscopy in geology / S.J.B. Reed.  Reed, S. J. B.  2nd ed.  

          Cambridge University Press,

  QH96.8.B4 G5 1979

          Evaluation of benthic dislocation due to pressure waves initiated by vessel passage in the St. Marys River / Gale R.

          Gleason, David J. Behmer, Kurtis L. Vincent.  Gleason, Gale R.    Biology and Chemistry Dept., Lake Superior State


  QH212.S3 F58 1995

          Scanning and transmission electron microscopy : an introduction / Stanley L. Flegler, John W. Heckman, Jr., Karen L.

          Klomparens.  Flegler, Stanley L.    Oxford University Press,

  QH540 .A61

          Annual review of ecology, evolution, and systematics.     Annual Reviews, Inc.,

  QK110 .B73 2010

          National Wildlife Federation field guide to wildflowers of North America / written by David M. Brandenburg ; foward

          by Craig Tufts.  Brandenburg, David M.    Sterling Pub.,

  QL561.N7 H3

          Genus Euxoa (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in North America [by] David F. Hardwick.  Hardwick, David F. (David Francis),

           1934-    Entomological Society of Canada,

  QP360 .C3667 2010

          Shallows : what the Internet is doing to our brains / Nicholas Carr.  Carr, Nicholas G., 1959-  1st ed.   W.W. Norton,

  QR1 .A5

          Annual review of microbiology.     Annual Reviews, Inc.,

  RC564.5.N87 S9 1988

          Medical treason : nurses on drugs / Joyce E. Strom-Paikin.  Strom-Paikin, Joyce E.    New Horizon Press,

  RG951 .M38 2009

          Maternal-child nursing / Emily Slone McKinney ... [et al.].   3rd ed.   Saunders/Elsevier,

  RJ 23 .P4 v.57 no.4

          Spina bifida : health and development across the life course / guest editors: Mark E. Swanson, Adrian D. Sandler.    


  RJ23 .P4 v.57 no.5

          Birthmarks of medical significance / Beth A. Drolet, Maria C. Garzon, guest editors.     Saunders,

  RJ245 .A885 2009

          Pediatric nursing care plans for the hospitalized child / Sharon Axton, Terry Fugate.  Axton, Sharon Ennis.  3rd ed.  

          Pearson Prentice Hall,

  RM811 .A64 2009

          Aquatic exercise for rehabilitation and training / Lori Thein Brody, Paula Richley Geigle, editors.     Human Kinetics,

  RT49 .U47 2011

          Ulrich & Canale's nursing care planning guides : prioritization, delegation, and critical thinking / Nancy Haugen, Sandra

          Galura.  Haugen, Nancy.  7th ed.   Saunders/Elsevier,

  RT120.I5 C71 v.22 no.2

          Safety / guest editor, Debora Simmons ; consulting editor, Janet Foster.     Saunders,

  SB466.G8 N53 2009

          Sissinghurst : an unfinished history / Adam Nicolson.  Nicolson, Adam, 1957-    HarperPress,

  TD195.S47 K38 2000

          Impact of Sault Ste. Marie East end wastewater treatment plant discharge on Lake George Channel (St. Marys River)

          waters [printed from the electronic resource] / prepared by P.B. Kauss and P.C. Nettleton.  Kauss, P.B.    Queen's Printer

           for Ontario,

  TD223 .G578 2009

          Unquenchable : America's water crisis and what to do about it / Robert Glennon.  Glennon, Robert Jerome, 1944-   

          Island Press,

  TL540.W7 T63 2003

          To conquer the air : the Wright Brothers and the great race for flight / James Tobin.  Tobin, James, 1956-    Free Press,

  U27 .H36 2001

          Masters of war : classical strategic thought / Michael I. Handel.  Handel, Michael I.  3rd rev. and expanded ed.   F. Cass,

  U162 .G68 1991

          Grand strategies in war and peace / edited by Paul Kennedy.     Yale University Press,

  UG447 .S9

          Nonmilitary defense : chemical and biological defenses in perspective. A collection of papers comprising the symposium

           on nonmilitary defense / presented before the Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, in participation with

          the Special Board

  V25 .G73 1992

          Leverage of sea power : the strategic advantage of navies in war / Colin S. Gray.  Gray, Colin S.    Free Press ; Maxwell

          Macmillan Canada ; Maxwell Macmillan International,

  V163 .C7 1988

          Some principles of maritime strategy / Julian S. Corbett ; with an introduction and notes by Eric J. Grove.  Corbett,

          Julian Stafford, Sir, 1854-1922.    Naval Institute Press,

  VA454 .K424 1998

          Rise and fall of British naval mastery / Paul M.Kennedy.  Kennedy, Paul M., 1945-    Humanity Books,

                                                                            LSSU Ref

  G1796.P2 M53 2002

          Michelin Europe : tourist and motoring atlas.  Pneu Michelin (Firm)    Michelin

  HA12.5 .U63

          Statistical yearbook. Annuaire statistique.  United Nations. Statistical Office.    United Nations.

  HF5413 .C66

          Co-op America's national green pages.     Co-op America Foundation,

  HF5667 .M514

          GAAS guide.     CCH,

  HF5681.B2 R6

          RMA annual statement studies.     Robert Morris Associates,

  HF5681.R25 T68

          Almanac of business and industrial financial ratios / by Leo Troy.     Prentice-Hall,

  HN49.V64 S36

          Connections : a directory of volunteer opportunities / provided by the St. Vincent Pallotti Center for Apostolic

          Development, Inc.  St. Vincent Pallotti Center for Apostolic Development.    St. Vincent Pallotti Center for Apostolic


  KF6369.6 .J12

          J.K. Lasser's your income tax / prepared by the J.K. Lasser Tax Institute.     Simon and Schuster,

  PN43 .A4 2009

          Ruffner's allusions--cultural, literary, biblical, and historical : a thematic dictionary / by Frederick G. Ruffner, Jr., and

          Laurence Urdang ; edited by Laurie Lanzen Harris and Sharon R. Gunton.   3rd ed.   Omnigraphics,

  TN23 .U612

          Minerals yearbook / prepared by the staff of the Bureau of Mines.     Bureau of Mines : Supt. of Docs., U.S.G.P.O.,


  TN23 .U612

          Minerals yearbook / prepared by the staff of the Bureau of Mines.     Bureau of Mines : Supt. of Docs., U.S.G.P.O.,


  TN23 .U612

          Minerals yearbook / prepared by the staff of the Bureau of Mines.     Bureau of Mines : Supt. of Docs., U.S.G.P.O.,


  Z6941 .M23

          Magazines for libraries.     Bowker,

                                                                       LSSU Ref CDs

  HF5667 .M514

          GAAS guide.     CCH,

  HF5681.R25 T68

          Almanac of business and industrial financial ratios / by Leo Troy.     Prentice-Hall,

  HF5681.R25 T68

          Almanac of business and industrial financial ratios / by Leo Troy.     Prentice-Hall,

                                                                       LSSU Ref Law

  KFM4730 .A66

          Michigan court rules practice. General index / by the publisher's editorial staff.     West Group,