LSSU New Acquisitions

                                                            FEBRUARY 2011

                                                              LSSU CDs (Main Floor)

  HD30.28 .M3839 2011

          How to write a business plan / by Mike McKeever.  McKeever, Mike P.  10th ed.   Nolo,

  HD62.5 .P474 2010

          Business plans kit for dummies / by Steven D. Peterson, Peter E. Jaret, Barbara Findlay Schenck.  Peterson, Steven

          (Steven D.)  3rd ed.   Wiley Pub.,

  HG177 .C374 2008

          Winning grants : step by step / Mim Carlson, Tori O'Neal-McElrath, and the Alliance for Nonprofit Management. 

          Carlson, Mim, 1950-  3rd ed.   Jossey-Bass,

  LB1028.3 .R595 2000

          Integrating educational technology into teaching / M.D. Roblyer, Jack Edwards.  Roblyer, M. D.  2nd ed.   Merrill,

  QA76.54 .C74 2000

          Math toolkit for real-time programming / Jack W. Crenshaw.  Crenshaw, Jack W.    CMP Books,

  QH212.S3 S29 2003

          Scanning electron microscopy and x-ray microanalysis / Joseph I. Goldstein ... [et al.].   3rd ed.   Kluwer

          Academic/Plenum Publishers,

                                                                            LSSU Juv

  PN6727.R9 O95 2005

          Owly : just a little blue v.2 / Andy Runton.  Runton, Andy.    Top Shelf,

                                                                            LSSU Lib

  AY64 .I55

          Information please almanac, atlas and yearbook / planned and supervised by Dan Golenpaul Associates.     McGraw-Hill,


  AY67.N5 W7

          World almanac and book of facts.     Press Pub. Co. (The New York World),

  AY67.N5 W7

          World almanac and book of facts.     Press Pub. Co. (The New York World),

  AY67.N5 W7

          World almanac and book of facts.     Press Pub. Co. (The New York World),

  B804 .O47 2007

          Abysmal : a critique of cartographic reason / Gunnar Olsson.  Olsson, Gunnar, 1935-    University of Chicago Press,

  B1875 .S495 2008

          Descartes' bones : a skeletal history of the conflict between faith and reason / Russell Shorto.  Shorto, Russell.   


  BC108 .B9 1973

          Primer of logic [by] Henry C. Byerly. With contributions from Charles J. Merchant.  Byerly, Henry C.    Harper & Row

  BF175.5.S48 B47 2010

          Is the rectum a grave? : and other essays / Leo Bersani.  Bersani, Leo.    The University of Chicago Press,

  BF371 .S46

          Memory & cognition : an introduction / John G. Seamon.  Seamon, John G., 1943-    Oxford University Press,

  BF1283.D48 A3 1970b

          My life and prophecies [by] Jeanne Dixon. Her own story as told to Rene Noorbergen.  Dixon, Jeanne.    Bantam Books

  BL245 .G63 1986

          God and nature : historical essays on the encounter between Christianity and science / edited by David C. Lindberg and

          Ronald L. Numbers.     University of California Press,

  BR759 .C49

          Victorian church / by Owen Chadwick.  Chadwick, Owen.    Oxford University Press,

  BR1720.A9 B7 2000

          Augustine of Hippo : a biography / Peter Brown.  Brown, Peter, 1935-  "A new edition with an epilogue."   University

          of California Press,

  CB161 .Z34 2008

          Post-American world / Fareed Zakaria.  Zakaria, Fareed.  1st ed.   W.W. Norton,

  CT1826 .X57 2009

          China witness : voices from a silent generation / Xinran ; translated from Chinese by Nicky Harman, Julia Lovell and

          Esther Tyldesley.  Xinran, 1958-  1st U.S. ed.   Pantheon Books,

  D734 .P55 2010

          Yalta : the price of peace / S.M. Plokhy.  Plokhy, Serhii, 1957-    Viking,

  DA391 .L425 2004

          1603 : the death of Queen Elizabeth, the return of the Black Plague, the rise of Shakespeare, piracy, witchcraft, & the

          birth of the Stuart era / Christopher Lee.  Lee, Christopher.  1st U.S. ed.   St. Martin's Press,

  DAW1038 .J64 1996

          Central Europe : enemies, neighbors, friends / Lonnie R.Johnson.  Johnson, Lonnie, 1952-    Oxford University Press,

  DS62.4 .L488 2002

          What went wrong? : Western impact and Middle Eastern response / Bernard Lewis.  Lewis, Bernard, 1916-    Oxford

          University Press,

  DS329.4 .H68 1995

          Setting the East ablaze : Lenin's dream of an empire in Asia / Peter Hopkirk.  Hopkirk, Peter.    Kodansha International,

  DS463 .J347 1998

          Raj : the making and unmaking of British India / Lawrence James.  James, Lawrence, 1943-  1st U.S. ed.   St. Martin's


  DS754 .P47 2005

          China marches west : the Qing conquest of Central Eurasia / Peter C. Perdue.  Perdue, Peter C., 1949-    Belknap Press

          of Harvard University Press,

  DS774 .C3718 1991

          Wild swans : three daughters of China / Jung Chang.  Chang, Jung, 1952-    Simon & Schuster,

  DS778.T39 G66 1994

          Deng Xiaoping and the Chinese revolution : a political biography / David S.G. Goodman.  Goodman, David S. G.   


  DS779.4 .W376 2010

          China in the 21st century : what everyone needs to know / Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom.  Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N.    Oxford

          University Press,

  DT83 .M46 2007

          Temples, tombs, & hieroglyphs : a popular history of ancient Egypt / Barbara Mertz.  Mertz, Barbara.  2nd ed., 1st

          William Morrow ed. Book club ed.   William Morrow,

  E 98 R63 2003

          Giving voice to bear : North American Indian myths, rituals, and images of the bear / David Rockwell ; illustrations by

          Janet McGahan.  Rockwell, David B.  1st Roberts Rinehart Publishers pbk. ed., Rev. ed.   Roberts Rinehart : Distributed

          by National Boo

  E169.12 .D85 1996

          Dumbing down : essays on the strip mining of American culture / edited by Katharine Washburn and John F. Thornton ;

          introduction by John Simon.   1st ed.   W.W. Norton,

  E207.L2 U45 2002

          Lafayette / Harlow Giles Unger.  Unger, Harlow G., 1931-    John Wiley & Sons,

  E208 .T47 2004

          Revolutionary War / by John Thompson.  Thompson, John M. (John Milliken), 1959-    National Geographic Society,

  E470 .S87 2010

          Grand design : strategy and the U.S. Civil War / Donald Stoker.  Stoker, Donald J.    Oxford University Press,

  E784 .A4 1959

          Only yesterday.  Allen, Frederick Lewis, 1890-1954.    Bantam Books,

  E840.8.R48 M33 2007

          Twice as good : Condoleezza Rice and her path to power / Marcus Mabry.  Mabry, Marcus, 1967-    Modern Times :

          Distributed to the trade by Holtzbrinck Publishers,

  F234.J3 W65 2009

          Brave vessel : the true tale of the castaways who rescued Jamestown / Hobson Woodward.  Woodward, Hobson.   

          Penguin Books,

  F1060.7.T48 N57 2007

          Sources of the river : tracking David Thompson across western North America / Jack Nisbet ; maps and illustrations by

          Jack McMaster ; [foreword by I.S. MacLaren].  Nisbet, Jack, 1949-  2007 ed.   Sasquatch Books,

  F1233 .A795 2010

          General Jo Shelby's march / Anthony Arthur.  Arthur, Anthony.  1st ed.   Random House,

  GB624 .P75 1997

          Wetlands of the American Midwest : a historical geography of changing attitudes / Hugh Prince.  Prince, Hugh C.   

          University of Chicago Press,

  GT2850 .S73 2009

          Edible history of humanity / Tom Standage.  Standage, Tom.    Walker & Co.,

  GV709.2 .H96 2009

          Until it hurts : America's obsession with youth sports and how it harms our kids / Mark Hyman.  Hyman, Mark.   

          Beacon Press,

  GV782.42.S48 A3 2004

          Canoeing with the Cree / by Eric Sevareid ; foreword by Ann Bancroft.  Sevareid, Eric, 1912-1992.  75th anniversary ed.

             Borealis Books,

  HC59.15 .R63 2005

          Global problems and the culture of capitalism / Richard H. Robbins.  Robbins, Richard H. (Richard Howard), 1940- 

          3rd ed.   Pearson Allyn and Bacon,

  HC106.3 .S364

          Great depression / edited by David A. Shannon.  Shannon, David A.    Prentice-Hall,

  HC427.92 .H8429 2008

          Capitalism with Chinese characteristics : entrepreneurship and the state / Yasheng Huang.  Huang, Yasheng.   

          Cambridge University Press,

  HC430.E5 E36 2004

          River runs black : the environmental challenge to China's future / Elizabeth C. Economy.  Economy, Elizabeth, 1962-   

          Cornell University Press,

  HD38.2 .B34 2010

          Managing (right) for the first time : a field guide for doing it well / David C. Baker.  Baker, David C.    RockBench Pub.,

  HD5307 .L891

          Mass strike: the political party and the trade unions, and the Junius pamphlet.  Luxemburg, Rosa, 1871-1919.    Harper

          & Row

  HD9940.A2 T56 2009

          Where am I wearing? : a global tour to the countries, factories, and people that make our clothes / Kelsey Timmerman. 

          Timmerman, Kelsey, 1979-    Wiley,

  HD9944 .B65 2008

          Twilight of the upper Missouri River fur trade : the journals of Henry A. Boller / edited and with an introduction by W.

          Raymond Wood.  Boller, Henry A., 1836-1902.    State Historical Society of North Dakota,

  HJ275 .O83 2004

          Price of government : getting the results we need in an age of permanent fiscal crisis / David Osborne and Peter

          Hutchinson.  Osborne, David, 1951-    Basic Books,

  HQ784.C6 W4 2004

          Seduction of the innocent / Fredric Wertham ; new introduction by James E. Reibman.  Wertham, Fredric, 1895-1981.  

           Main Road Books, Inc.,

  HQ1397 .J34 2003

          Ingenious women : from tincture of saffron to flying machines / Deborah Jaffeżż ; foreword by Sandi Toksvig.  Jaffeżż,

          Deborah.    Sutton,

  HQ1426 .A6825 2009

          Thinking about women : sociological perspectives on sex and gender / Margaret L. Andersen with Dana Hysock. 

          Andersen, Margaret L.  8th ed.   Pearson/Allyn and Bacon,

  HV6322.7 .D43 2004

          Defining the horrific : readings on genocide and Holocaust in the twentieth century / [edited by] William L. Hewitt.    

          Pearson Education,

  JZ1480 .R674 2007

          Statecraft : and how to restore America's standing in the world / Dennis Ross.  Ross, Dennis.  1st ed.   Farrar, Straus, and


  KF3941 .H3492 2008

          Founders' Second Amendment : origins of the right to bear arms / Stephen P. Halbrook.  Halbrook, Stephen P.    Ivan R.

          Dee ; : In Association with the Independent Institute,

  L106 1966 .R63

          Study of teaching.  Conference on Implications of Recent Research on Teaching for Teacher Education (1966 :

          University of Rochester)    Commission on the Implications of Recent Research in Teaching, Association for Student


  LA132 .C63 1968

          World educational crisis; a systems analysis, by Philip H. Coombs.  Coombs, Philip H. (Philip Hall), 1915-2006.   

          Oxford University Press,

  LA205 .M54 1967

          Educational history of the American people [by] Adolphe E. Meyer.  Meyer, Adolphe Erich, 1897-  2d ed.   McGraw-


  LA209.2 .K43 1968

          Educational issues in a changing society. Edited by August Kerber [and] Wilfred R. Smith.  Kerber, August,  3d ed. rev.

          and enl.   Wayne State University Press,

  LA209.2 .R49

          Conflict and decision; analyzing educational issues.  Rich, John Martin,    Harper & Row

  LA210 .C67 1966

          Genius of American education / by Lawrence A. Cremin.  Cremin, Lawrence Arthur, 1925-    Vintage Books,

  LA210 .L46

          Education and ecstasy, by George B. Leonard.  Leonard, George Burr, 1923-    Delacorte Press

  LA210 .M33

          Free to learn: unlocking and ungrading American education [by] John Henry Martin & Charles H. Harrison.  Martin,

          John Henry, 1915-    Prentice-Hall

  LA217 .M47 1987

          Metropolitan Life survey of the American teacher, 1987 : strengthening links between home and school / conducted for

          Metropolitan Life Insurance Company by Louis Harris and Associates, inc.     Metropolitan Life Insurance Company,

  LA226 .B27

          American university; how it runs, where it is going.  Barzun, Jacques, 1907-  [1st ed.]   Harper & Row

  LA227.3 .F87

          Future in the making. Dyckman W. Vermilye, editor. Associate editor, Joseph Axelrod.   [1st ed.]   Jossey-Bass,

  LB232.5 .W984

          History of the Wisconsin State Universities, edited by Walker D. Wyman. With chapters by Walker D. Wyman [and

          others]  Wyman, Walker Demarquis, 1907-    River Falls State University Press

  LB 1027.5 .M443

          Mental health and going to school : the Woodlawn program of assessment, early intervention, and evaluation / Sheppard

          G. Kellam ... [et al.].     University of Chicago Press,

  LB1029.P67 E27 2003

          Portfolios matter : what, where, when, why and how to use them / Shirley-Dale Easley, Kay Mitchell.  Easley, Shirley-

          Dale.    Pembroke Publishers,

  LB1044.87 .G72 2000

          Integrating the Internet for meaningful learning / Mark Grabe, Cindy Grabe.  Grabe, Mark.    Houghton Mifflin Co.,

  LB1060 .G85 1985

          Marching to different drummers / Pat Burke Guild and Stephen Garger.  Guild, Pat Burke.    Association for

          Supervision and Curriculum Development,

  LB1065 .U62 1995

          Understanding self-regulated learning / Paul R. Pintrich, editor.     Jossey-Bass,

  LB1140.2 .F34

          40 innovative programs in early childhood education. Edited by Berlie J. Fallon.  Fallon, Berlie J.    Lear Siegler

  LB1140.2 .S4

          Curriculum for child care centers.  Seefeldt, Carol.    Merrill

  LB1576 .C555

          Acquisition of syntax in children from 5 to 10.  Chomsky, Carol.    M.I.T. Press

  LB1576 .T75

          Trends & issues in elementary language arts.     National Council of Teachers of English,

  LB1587.A3 M52

          Michigan model for comprehensive school health education.     state of Michigan, Office of the Governor?],

  LB1587.A3 M52

          Michigan model for comprehensive school health education.     state of Michigan, Office of the Governor?],

  LB1587.A3 M52

          Michigan model for comprehensive school health education.     state of Michigan, Office of the Governor?],

  LB1587.A3 M52

          Michigan model for comprehensive school health education.     state of Michigan, Office of the Governor?],

  LB2157 .A849

          Yearbook.  Association for Student Teaching.    National Education Association, Asociation for Student Teaching.

  LB2324 .C35 1992

          Campus and environmental responsibility / David J Eagan, David W. Orr, editors.     Jossey-Bass Publishers,

  LB2329.5 .A8

          Proceedings of the annual meeting.  American Association of State Colleges and Universities.   

  LB2329.5 .A8

          Proceedings of the annual meeting.  American Association of State Colleges and Universities.   

  LB2331 .S818 1985

          Strengthening the teaching assistant faculty / John D.W. Andrews, editor.     Jossey-Bass,

  LB2331.5 .B47 1999

          Best practices in higher education consortia : how institutions can work together / Lawrence G. Dotolo, Jean T.

          Strandness, editors.     Jossey-Bass Publishers,

  LB2341.M365 1990

          Choosing a college president : opportunities and constraints / Judith Block McLaughlin and David Riesman ; with a

          foreword by Ernest L. Boyer.  McLaughlin, Judith Block, 1948-    Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of


  LB2343 .F76 1991

          Academic advising for student success : a system of shared responsibility / by Susan H. Frost.  Frost, Susan H.    School

          of Education and Human Development, the George Washington University,

  LB2350 .C64 1985

          College-School collaboration : appraising the major approaches / William T. Daly, editor.     Jossey-Bass,

  LB3051 .M46583

          Methodological developments / Ross Traub, guest editor.     Jossey-Bass,

  LB3605 .N34 2005

          My freshman year : what a professor learned by becoming a student / Rebekah Nathan.  Nathan, Rebekah.    Cornell

          University Press,

  LC111 .R4

          Religion and public education. Edited by Theodor R. Sizer. Contributors: Nicholas Wolterstorff [and others]    

          Houghton Mifflin

  LC268 .E21

          College influence on student character; an exploratory study in selected colleges and universities made for the

          Committee for the Study of Character Development in Education by Edward D. Eddy, Jr., assisted by Mary Louise

          Parkhurst [and] James S. Yakovaki

  LC1043 .E87 1978

          Foundations of vocational education / Rupert N. Evans, Edwin L. Herr.  Evans, Rupert Nelson.  2d ed.   Merrill,

  LD891.C62 E3

          History of the College of Charleston, founded 1770, by J. H. Easterby. Published on the occasion of the

          sesquicentennial anniversary of the chartering of the college.  Easterby, J. H. (James Harold), 1898-1960.   

  LD3248.M5 H36

          Memoir / by John A. Hannah.  Hannah, John A., 1902-    Michigan State University Press,

  NA705 .C65 2003

          Constructing image, identity, and place / edited by Alison K. Hoagland and Kenneth A. Breisch.     University of


  NA737.M68 B68 1995

          Julia Morgan, architect / Sara Holmes Boutelle ; color photography by Richard Barnes.  Boutelle, Sara Holmes.  Rev.

          and updated ed., 1995.   Abbeville Press,

  NK2047.6.H37 A2 2009

          Redeeming features : a memoir / Nicholas Haslam.  Haslam, Nicholas.  1st ed.   Alfred A. Knopf,

  PA 3064 .A63 1997

          Ancient Greek authors / edited by Ward W. Briggs.     Gale Research,

  PN2287.L29 F73 2009

          Stripping Gypsy : the life of Gypsy Rose Lee / Noralee Frankel.  Frankel, Noralee, 1950-    Oxford University Press,

  PN4874.S266 A34 1983

          Journey for our times : a memoir / Harrison E. Salisbury.  Salisbury, Harrison E. (Harrison Evans), 1908-1993.  1st ed.

            Harper & Row,

  PR4483 .A85 1996

          Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge : a critical biography / Rosemary Ashton.  Ashton, Rosemary, 1947-    Blackwell


  PS668 .R42

          Representative American speeches.     H.W. Wilson Co.

  PS1331 .A2 2010

          Autobiography of Mark Twain / Harriet Elinor Smith, editor ; associate editors, Benjamin Griffin ... [et al.].  Twain,

          Mark, 1835-1910.    University of California Press,

  PS3525.E6645 A6 2002

          James Merrill : collected novels and plays / edited by J.D. McClatchy and Stephen Yenser.  Merrill, James Ingram.  1st

          ed.   Alfred A. Knopf : Distributed by Random House,

  PS3525.E6645 C5 1993

          Changing light at Sandover : including the whole of the Book of Ephraim, Mirabell's books of number, Scripts for the

          pageant, and a new coda, the Higher keys / James Merrill.  Merrill, James, 1926-1995.    Knopf,

  PS3537 .T4753 1954

          Collected poems of Wallace Stevens.  Stevens, Wallace, 1879-1955.  1st collected ed.   Knopf,

  PS3552.R2817 M36 2009

          Mapping the territory : selected nonfiction / Christopher Bram.  Bram, Christopher.    Alyson,

  PS3556.E42 Z46 2010

          Backing into forward : a memoir / Jules Feiffer.  Feiffer, Jules.  1st ed.   Nan A. Talese/Doubleday,

  PS3566.L27 Z9134 1989

          Bitter fame : a life of Sylvia Plath / Anne Stevenson ; with additional material by Lucas Myers, Dido Merwin, and

          Richard Murphy.  Stevenson, Anne, 1933 Jan. 3-    Houghton Mifflin,

  PS3604.O27 D6 2008

          Little brother / Cory Doctorow.  Doctorow, Cory.  1st ed.   Tom Doherty Associates,

  Q175.5 .S465 2010

          Never pure : historical studies of science as if it was produced by people with bodies, situated in time, space, culture,

          and society, and struggling for credibility and authority / Steven Shapin.  Shapin, Steven.    Johns Hopkins University


  QA8.7 .T42 2009

          Teaching and learning proof across the grades : a K-16 perspective / edited by Despina A. Stylianou, Maria L. Blanton,

          and Eric J. Knuth.     Routledge,

  QA11 .L45 2000

          Sensible mathematics : a guide for school leaders / Steven Leinwand.  Leinwand, Steve.    Heinemann,

  QA11.2 .L45 2009

          Accessible mathematics : 10 instructional shifts that raise student achievement / Steven Leinwand.  Leinwand, Steve.   


  QA13 .F63 2009

          Focus in high school mathematics. Reasoning and sense making.     National Council of Teachers of Mathematics,

  QA135.6 .C53 2009

          Learning and teaching early math : the learning trajectories approach / Douglas H. Clements and Julie Sarama. 

          Clements, Douglas H.    Routledge,

  QA135.6 .S27 2009

          Early childhood mathematics education research : learning trajectories for young children / Julie Sarama and Douglas H.

           Clements.  Sarama, Julie.    Routledge,

  QA137 .P47 2010

          Focus on fractions : bringing research to the classroom / Marjorie M. Petit, Robert E. Laird, Edwin L. Marsden.  Petit,

          Marjorie M.    Routledge,

  QC39 .D86 2010

          Measurement and data analysis for engineering and science / Patrick F. Dunn.  Dunn, Patrick F.  2nd ed.   CRC

          Press/Taylor & Francis,

  QH528 .D84 2009

          Mr. Jefferson and the giant moose : natural history in early America / Lee Alan Dugatkin.  Dugatkin, Lee Alan, 1962-   

          The University of Chicago Press,

  QH541.5.J8 T7

          Tropical rain forest : ecology and management / edited by S.L. Sutton, T.C. Whitmore, and A.C. Chadwick.     Blackwell

          Scientific Publications ; Blackwell Mosby Book Distributors [distributor],

  QK31.D6 M57 2005

          Tree collector : the life and explorations of David Douglas / Ann Lindsay [Mitchell] and Syd House.  Lindsay, Ann.   


  QL112 .F7 2002

          Forest wildlife-habitat relationships : population and community responses to forest management / Stephen DeStefano

          and Robert G. Haight, editors.     Society of American Foresters,

  QL737.P98 B73 2009

          Elephants on the edge : what animals teach us about humanity / G.A. Bradshaw.  Bradshaw, G. A. (Gay A.), 1959-   

          Yale University Press,

  RC268.4 .G454 2010

          Genetics and genomics in oncology nursing practice / edited by Kathleen A. Calzone, Agnes Masny, and Jean Jenkins. 

          Calzone, Kathleen A.    Oncology Nursing Society,

  RT4 .D357 2010

          American nursing : a history of knowledge, authority, and the meaning of work / Patricia D'Antonio.  D'Antonio,

          Patricia, 1955-    Johns Hopkins University Press,

  TX649.D53 A3 2008

          Spilling the beans / Clarissa Dickson Wright.  Dickson Wright, Clarissa.    Hodder & Stoughton,

  UA23.15 .R68 2005

          Running the world : the inside story of the National Security Council and the architects of American power / David J.

          Rothkopf.  Rothkopf, David J. (David Jochanan), 1955-  1st ed.   PublicAffairs,

  Z124 .J64 1998

          Nature of the book : print and knowledge in the making / Adrian Johns.  Johns, Adrian.    University of Chicago Press,

                                                                            LSSU Ref

  AY67.N5 W7

          World almanac and book of facts.     Press Pub. Co. (The New York World),

  E89 .J695 2010

          Native Americans today : a biographical dictionary / Bruce E. Johansen.  Johansen, Bruce E. (Bruce Elliott), 1950-   

          Greenwood Press,

  G123 .W67

          World factbook.     Central Intelligence Agency,

  HF5616.U5 M5

          GAAP guide.     CCH,

  HF5616.U5 M5

          GAAP guide.     CCH,

  HV6250.3.U5 E55 2010

          Encyclopedia of victimology and crime prevention / editors, Bonnie S. Fisher, Steven P. Lab.     SAGE Publications,

  HV6250.3.U5 E55 2010

          Encyclopedia of victimology and crime prevention / editors, Bonnie S. Fisher, Steven P. Lab.     SAGE Publications,

  KF6280.A2 T37

          Reports of the United States Tax Court.  United States. Tax Court.    The Court : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S.


  PN161 .W95

          Writer's market.     F & W Publications.

  QB65 .A84

          Astronomical calendar / by Guy Ottewell ; sponsored by the Department of Physics, Furman University, Greenville,

          South Carolina, in co-operation with the Astronomical League.     Published by the author, at the Dept. of Physics,

          Furman University,

                                                                       LSSU Ref Law

  KFM4245 .A514

          West's Michigan digest 2d.     West Pub. Co.,

  KFM4245 .A514

          West's Michigan digest 2d.     West Pub. Co.,

  KFM4245 .A514

          West's Michigan digest 2d.     West Pub. Co.,

  KFM4245 .A514

          West's Michigan digest 2d.     West Pub. Co.,

                                                                         LSSU Videos

  PE51 .S76 1988

          Story of English. Episode 1, An English speaking world [videorecording] / series writer, Robert McCrum ; host and co-

          writer, Robert MacNeil ; A BBC TV co-production with MacNeil-Lehrer Productions in association with WNET ;

          directors, William Cran...[et a