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Faculty Profiles

Here are profiles of just a few of our faculty who teach online classes

At LSSU our online classes are taught by full-time faculty members, people who are integral to the departments. When you take on of our online classes, you're getting a class that is the same as our traditionally taught classes, because you're being taught by the exact same faculty members as folks who teach our traditional classes. Online or on campus, you're a Laker.

  • Professor Melissa Copenhaver-- Nursing
  • Dr. Richard Crandall--Sociology
  • Dr. Leslie Dobbertin--Sociology
  • Professor Jaimee Gerrie--Nursing
  • Professor Herb Henderson--Criminal Justice
  • Professor Sandra King--Nursing
  • Professor Roger Land--Fire Science
  • Dr. Kirk Mauldin--Sociology
  • Professor Shawna Mauldin--Sociology
  • Professor Mindy Poliski--Accounting
  • Dr. James Schaefer--Fire Science
  • Dr. Linda Schmitigal--Business
  • Dr. Russell Searight--Psychology
  • Professor Shirley Smart--English
  • Dr. Mary Reynolds-Keegan--Nursing
  • Professor Jillena Rose--English
  • Dr. Frank Tridico--Criminal Justice
  • Dr. Ralf Wilhelms--Business




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