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Here's who to ask about...

  • My class doesn't show up, or I don't know how to ...
    This is when you check with Beth Hronek (Library 210,, 906-635-2651). She's the person to start with when you can't find your class once you've logged on to My.LSSU or you, the user, need a little help with the technology. She will often offer to come to your office at the time you call, or to set up an appointment to help you one-on-one.
  • It keeps telling me to download and install some software ...
    Sara Devaprasad takes care of the administrative side of the Blackboard operation. She's the one to go to when software won't run. She often teaches one or two session classes in the use of Blackboard or other programs. She can be reached at her office in the IT department of the Administration Building, phone 906-635-6231, or .
  • My computer won't let me...
    Yup. That happens sometimes. Steve Eles can often convince computers that they should run Wimba, or open a new Window for Blackboard, or... whatever your computer doesn't really want to do. Stop by the Audio Visual Department, in the library, or contact him at or 906-635-2400.
  • I checked with Beth and Sara and it still doesn't work ...
    We've seen this before, and your best bet is to contact John Burdett. He can usually help. Contact him at his office in the Learning Center in the Library, at, or 906-635-6207.

And if you can't figure out who to call based on the above, call any one of them! They'll help you determine who can solve your problem.

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