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Undergraduate Paper Awards
1. The MIPSA Undergraduate Paper Award will be presented annually to the author/s of the best undergraduate paper submitted for consideration.
2. Eligible papers are those written to meet the requirements of an undergraduate political science course taught in the state of Michigan during the previous academic year. Honors theses revised under the auspices of faculty members are not eligible for the award.
3. Papers should be nominated by the professor teaching the respective course.
4. The deadline for submission is August 15.
5. Two awards will be given: one for community college students, and one for four-year college or university students.
6. Only students from current member institutions will be eligible for these awards.

Graduate Paper Award
1. The MIPSA Graduate Paper Award will be awarded annually to the author/s of the best paper presented at this year’s MIPSA conference.
2. To be considered for the award, a paper must be submitted to the award committee chair one month before the meeting.
3. The paper must be presented as part of the official program of the conference.
4. All participating graduate students are eligible for this award.

Electronic submissions (preferred) and inquiries should be sent to:
Hard copy papers should be submitted to:
Dr. John Clark
Department of Political Science
Western Michigan University
1903 W. Michigan Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5346