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Presentation (paper), panel, roundtable, and teaching poster proposals are welcome on any topic that involves government, politics, or public policy at the international, national, state, local, or tribal levels.

Participation proposals may be submitted through the appropriate on-line form. Proposals may also be submitted by e-mail, e-mail attachment, fax, or mail (see specifications below).

Students, both graduate and undergraduate, are encouraged to submit proposals.

The submission deadline for all proposals is August 27, 2012.

If you encounter difficulties with any of these on-line proposal forms, please contact Gary Johnson at gjohnson@lssu.edu.

MIPSA 2012 Presentation (Paper) Proposal Form

MIPSA 2012 Panel Proposal Form

MIPSA 2012 Roundtable Proposal Form

MIPSA 2012 Teaching Poster Proposal Form

MIPSA 2012 Chair/Discussant Proposal Form

Proposals submitted by means other than the on-line form should be single-spaced, labeled "MIPSA 2012 Proposal" at the top, and include, in order--and beginning on new lines--the following information:

Type of proposal (presentation, panel, roundtable, teaching poster, chair/discussant)
Title of proposal
Primary affiliation
Mailing address
Work phone
Cell or Home phone
E-mail address
Abstract (150-250 words)
Audiovisual needs (if any)*
Scheduling constraints (if any)
Special needs (if any)

Panel proposals should include this information, on separate pages, for all participants (omitting only the abstract for the chair). Roundtable proposals should include this information (except for the abstract) for the chair and all participants, as well as an abstract for the roundtable itself. Proposals for teaching posters should describe the course in the abstract and include a copy of the course syllabus. Offers to serve as a chair or discussant may substitute, for the title of the proposal, the subject areas in which one is volunteering, and the abstract should provide a summary of one's background in those areas. Proposals should be sent to the program chair:

Gary R. Johnson
Michigan Political Science Association
Department of Political Science
Lake Superior State University
650 W. Easterday Ave.
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783-1699, USA
phone: +1-906-635-2763
fax: +1-906-635-6693
e-mail: gjohnson@lssu.edu

*All presentation rooms have wireless internet connections and will be equipped with a laptop computer with Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2007, an LCD projector, and a wireless remote. If those using PowerPoint upload their presentations to the conference web site by October 1, presentations will be loaded onto computer hard drives and tested in advance of the conference. Those wishing to connect their Macs or iPads should bring their own connectors (although we should be able to help those who forget).