Self-Study Calendar and Timetable
Time Frame
1. Mar 98 President; Provost; Faculty Members Attend NCA mtg. in Chicago To become familiar with continuing accreditation process President, Provost & Faculty attended NCA mtg.
2. Jun 98 President Campus community invited to serve on subcommittees To establish five subcommittees focused on each criterion Subcommittees established
3. Jun 98 President Appoints Self-Study Coordinator & Editor To provide leadership and organization for continuing accreditation process President appointed 

D. Toppen, Oversight 

S. Ratwik, Coordinator 

K. Floyd, Editor

4. Jun 98 – Sep 98 President; Provost; Coordinator; Editor Review materials associated with continuing accreditation To become knowledgeable about NCA documents, previous self-study reports, & affiliation statements Assorted materials reviewed
5. Sep 98 – Nov 98 Campus Community 




Campus-wide meeting is called by the President To provide overview of NCA process, timeline for completion of activities, & charge to subcommittees Information provided at campus-wide mtg.
6. Oct 98 Editor Gathered documents & materials for Self-Study Resource Room To provide a working area for subcommittee members Self-Study Resource Room established
7. Oct 98 – Jan 99 Subcommittees Subcommittees begin meeting To plan information gathering and to identify relevant information/issues for each criterion area Subcommittees met
8. Nov 98 Asst. Professor of Public Services Develops NCA page on University’s website To utilize available technology for communication purposes NCA page developed
9. Nov 98 President Responds to NCA’s request for choice of dates for visit To set date for team visit Date of visit scheduled for February 5-7, 2001
10. Nov 98 President Issues call for Steering Committee membership To establish a Steering Committee Steering Committee established
11. Nov 98 – Mar 99 Provost’s Council Prepares and presents reports for each chapter of the NCA handbook To provide information on the NCA process to members of the Provost’s Council Information on the NCA process provided to Provost’s Council
12. Dec 98 Steering Committee Initial Steering Committee meeting held to discuss: 
  1. guidance for subcommittees 
  2. process/plan for continuing accreditation 
To provide guidance for subcommittees and develop the process/plan for continuing accreditation Steering Committee addressed objectives
13. Jan 99 – Mar 99 Subcommittees Subcommittees continue to meet To gather data for preparation of a first draft report to the Steering Committee 


Subcommittees prepared draft reports
14. Feb 99 Steering Committee Steering Committee meets to discuss: 
  1. progress of subcommittees 
  2. data needs to complete each self-study section 
  3. planned schedule for assessment 
  4. Self-Study Plan elements 
  5. Attend NCA mtg. 
To move forward with self-study activities Steering Committee addressed objectives
15. Mar 99 Subcommittees Prepares draft reports to be submitted to the Steering Committee To develop draft reports for each criterion Draft reports submitted to Steering Committee
16. Mar 99 – Apr 99 Steering Committee Steering Committee meets to discuss draft reports and provides feedback to subcom. To review subcommittee draft reports and to provide feedback to subcommittees Draft reports reviewed and feedback provided
17. Apr 99 Steering Committee Members, Faculty Attends NCA mtg. in Chicago To allow committee to become more knowledgeable about NCA & the accreditation process NCA meeting attended by Steering Com. members & others; members report on findings to University & Community
18. Apr 99 – May 99 Steering Committee Self-Study Plan is sent to NCA liaison for review To gather feedback on Self-Study Plan Feedback incorporated into Plan & shared with University Community
19. May 99 President; Provost Briefs Board of Trustees on accreditation progress To inform Board of progess and to invite feedback Board of Trustees updated; incorporate feedback from Board
20. Aug 99 – Sep 99 Provost; Coordinator; Editor; Subcommittees Prepares first draft of report To prepare first draft of report 


First draft of report prepared
21. Aug 99 President; Provost; Coordinator; Campus Community Provides a progress report to the campus community To provide information to the entire campus on the progress of accreditation activities Progress report provided to campus community
22. Sep 99 President Invites C. López to campus 


Update Bd. of Trustees

To provide information to the campus community 

To provide information to Board of Trustees

Information on self-study provided to campus community and to Board of Trustees
23. Sep 99 – Oct 99 Steering Committee Reviews draft report and provides feedback to Editor To review draft report and provide feedback to Editor Draft report reviewed and feedback provided to Editor
24. Oct 99 Campus Community C. López visits campus Provide information Information provided to campus community
25. Sep 99 – Nov 99 Campus Community; Regional Community Reviews sections of report To obtain feedback from campus and regional community Feedback provided
26. Nov 99 – Jan 00 Editor Revises draft of report To revise draft of report 


Draft report revised
27. Dec 99 – Jan 00 President; Provost Sends the NCA suggestions for team competencies To provide input on team competencies Suggestions for team competencies sent to NCA
28. Jan 00 – May 00 Steering Committee Circulates and receives reactions to draft report To provide an opportunity for feedback from campus community Draft circulated and reactions received
29. Apr 00 Steering Committee; Others Attends NCA mtg. in Chicago To become more knowledgeable about the NCA and the cont. accreditation process NCA mtg. attended by Steering Com. Members & others & review Self-Study related to findings
30. Apr 00 – May 00 University Constituents Reviews draft of self-study report To provide an opportunity for 3rd Party Comments Third-party comments sent to NCA
31. May 00 – Jun 00 President; Provost Sends comments on proposed team members to the NCA To provide comments on proposed team members to the NCA Comments provided
32. Jun 00 – Jul 00 President; Provost Formally invites team members to visit To invite team members to campus Team members invited to campus
33. Jun 00 Editor Draft of report sent to C. López for review To obtain feedback from NCA liaison Feedback incorporated into final draft
34. Jun 00 – Aug 00 Editor Completes final draft of report To complete final draft of report Final draft of report completed
35. Sep 00 President; Provost; Coordinator; Campus Community Provides a progress report to the campus community & Board of Trustees To provide information to the entire campus on the progress of accreditation activities Progress report provided to campus community
36. Sep 00 – Oct 00 Editor; Graphics Dept. Graphics prepares copies of report To prepare final copies of report Copies of report completed
37. Sep 00 – Oct 00 Steering Committee; Campus Community Prepares for team visit To prepare for team visit Preparations for team visit are completed
38. Oct 00 Editor Report sent to NCA To provide final report to NCA Final report submitted to NCA
39. Nov 00 Provost; Coordinator Sends complete set of evaluation materials to each team member and the NCA staff liaison To provide evaluation materials to team members and the NCA staff liaison Evaluation materials provided to team members and the NCA staff liaison
40. Jan 01 President; Provost; Coordinator; Campus Community Holds campus-wide meeting to discuss visit To provide information to the campus community on the visit Information provided to campus community
41. Feb 01 All Evaluation site visit takes place To complete evaluation site visit Evaluation site visit completed

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