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Executive Summary of the Self-Study Report:

This is an executive summary of Lake Superior State University's Self-Study Report that has been submitted to the North Central Association (NCA) for their review. More than 100 trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, students, and community members examined the University and prepared the Self-Study Report. The campus community was provided with several opportunities to comment on the self-study process and on drafts of the Self-Study Report during 1999 and 2000.

The self-study process was viewed not only as a requirement of the re-accreditation process, but also as an opportunity for introspection. It was an opportunity to evaluate performance, to review strengths, and to ascertain how well those strengths support the University's mission. It also provided a forum to identify areas of potential improvement and to crystallize, through oral and written articulation, issues surrounding the future directions of the University.

From February 5-7, 2001, the NCA Site Evaluation Team will be on campus to examine Lake Superior State University's request for continuing accreditation. The Team members will visit with faculty, staff, students, and others about the progress the University has made since1991, the current state of the University in relation to NCA criteria, and the future plans for the University.

The full Self-Study Report is available for review in the Kenneth J. Shouldice Library, in each department, and on the University's common "O" drive. It provides a history of the University, contains a response to the 1991 NCA Team report and other NCA visits, outlines the self-study findings in relation to the NCA requirements and criteria, and looks to the future.

The resulting self-study document stands as evidence of the effectiveness of the self-study process and affords Lake Superior State University the opportunity to demonstrate, both to itself and to its external examiners, the quality and dedication with which the University has pursued its goals in the past decade. And, perhaps most importantly, it will serve as an invaluable starting point for continued planning as the University strives for excellence in the next decade.

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