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Anchor House Christian Fellowship of LSSU

Message from the Director

Thanks for checking out the website of the Anchor House/InterVarsity ministry here at LSSU.

The university continues to be a place of great influence in our society. The next leaders of our country, and in large part the world, will be educated at American universities. As it has throughout history, the university is a key place where these students develop their view of the world. Unfortunately, we find God and the things of God, more and more marginalized in this academic setting. As a result, students are not encouraged and even are sometimes ridiculed for considering God as an important part of their life.

On a personal level, many Christian students struggle to continue to live out the values of their families and faith. Drinking, drugs, and promiscuity are all very much a part of the campus culture and many a student has shipwrecked their faith and values with disastrous results.

Here at Anchor House/InterVarsity, we want to help students not just hang on to their faith during these years at Lake Superior State University, but to continue to grow and thrive. Our hope is that they will come out the other side of their college experience, solid in their faith. Through weekly opportunities to worship, pray, and study the Bible with peers we hope to shepherd and shape these students into the men and women God intended them to be.

If you are interested in progressing in your journey of faith, (wherever you are along the way), let me encourage you to come and check out the Anchor House ministry here at LSSU.

In Christ,

Marty Feldhake, Director of Anchor House IV Staff at LSSU

*We are not a church, but an interdenominational Para-church organization. We encourage all our students to be involved in the local church of their choosing.

Statement of Faith

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