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Message For Alumni

Dear Alumni,

Welcome Back to Anchor House/InterVarsity here at LSSU!

For almost 40 years, the Anchor House ministry has been serving students at Lake Superior State University. Along with the our Wednesday night Bible Study/Large Group, we continue to sponsor small group Bible studies on campus during the week, a Thursday night supper, a weekly prayer meeting, and various other activities for students to be involved in.

In 2004, Anchor House students decided to affiliate with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. This partnership with InterVarsity, has given us the opportunity access the great training that IV offers students. We currently have sent students to Cedar Campus Chapter Focus weeks, WI/UP Fall conference, as well as Urbana 2003. All of these events have had a positive impact on the Anchor House fellowship and helped our students be better equipped to lead the ministry. It also brought IV back to LSSU after a 20 year absence. (Welcome back IV alumni as well!)

We would love to reconnect with you, our alumni from years past. If you would like to receive our quarterly newsletter, or perhaps give a donation to the ongoing work of the ministry, just jot us a note at the email address listed below with your mailing address included and we will be in touch.

Thanks for your participation and help during your time here at LSSU. We look forward to serving many more students in the years to come.

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