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Written by Eric   
Wednesday, 19 October 2011 07:40
Called to order at October 17, 2011 at 3:00PM

Joe "Mac" Douglas
Brett Newill
Eric "v2.0" Becks
Susan Kirkman
Dave Vikken
Niki Toth
Lauryn Lafoille
James Claus
Jake McClure
Mike Gordon
Kris Zakfeld
Paul Fedirko
Elia Farin
Steve the Pirate, Ninja, Viking, Lawyer, Accountant, Fireman, Security Guard, Dinosaur, Robot, Programmer, Groundskeeper, Trucker, Carpenter

Paul paid dues

Coffee Donuts
We did okay today.
Niki was sick and couldn't do it this Monday.
8:00 Shift: Niki Toth
9:00 Shift: Susan Kirkman

4 for $22.50+TAX at Dominoes.
Guidos: 36 pieces for $22.50
  -$0.56 per slice
Dominoes: 40 pieces for $22.50
  -$0.70 per slice

Dominoes: 6
Guidos : 0

Same crew.
Same shifts.
11:00 Shift: Physics group.
Order is:
    -4 14' Pizzas
    -1 Sausage,
    -1 Pepperoni,
    -1 Ham,
    -1 Mushroom

Someone lost something to the locker below theirs.
Lockerman Dave to the rescue!

LEGO teams are doing good

  -Printed tonight.
  -Copies tomorrow.
  -Stamped and copied tomorrow.
  -Combined fundraiser with all engineering groups?
  -SAE needs $13,000
  -Do stuff on campus
    -Spaghetti Dinner
    -Silent Auction

Shirt Cannon
  -Has to be a Gatling cannon
  -Wednesday specking out parts
    -DC motors
  -Laser Display
    -Figure out the RPM
  -HAM Radio
    -Pulled the transformer
    -No broken coils
  -The Game
    -Reading the wrong thing on the software
    -Made some headway
  -Robot Arm
    -Found some PDC MOSFETs
    -Dave is doing his best to convert SMT to Breadbord MOSFETs

  -8 I's
  -1 EEE

Dave   :||||||
Lauryn :|
Jake   :|
Dave is the Treasurer

Programming Competition
Next weekend
Friday starting at 20:00
Jake can bring sustenance.

New Camera
Digital Camera
$70 total for a digital camera.
Vote = Majority

Meeting adjourned at October 17, 2011 3:46PM.
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