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IEEE meeting 11/04/10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by biodragon   
Thursday, 04 November 2010 13:35
IEEE Minutes 11/04/10
meeting started @ 2:00pm

Joe brett bio: & 5 members.

coffee&donuts: did good
Same people same Jobs.
Joe Pickup. Bio Sales

Pizza again didn't happen.
Come on guys we need to keep things on track.
Grant call people to let them know.

picket 3: joe called them and is waiting for a response.

Robot competition/meeting.
meeting went ok need more people.

shirts: sign up sheet is on the door just pick out what you want.

snow sculpture... something.
fridge restock.
A&W rootbeer, MtDew,

Cabinet we need something in there asap.

Meeting ended 2:34
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IEEE Minute's 10/28/2010 PDF Print E-mail
Written by biodragon   
Thursday, 28 October 2010 12:58
Ieee meeting minute 2:00pm
11 people are here/

Coffee donuts : Joe/Bio

Pizza: Grant/Brett

T-shirts: screens 15$ shirts at cost

picket 3 WTF where is this and why isn't it here.

Pictures:put them online
webmaster of some kind to keep things updated.

First is good they are getting ready for the lego robotics.

Robotic contest ieee hosted
12x12 box collect balls bring to score zone
can be remote or autonomous  March11/12
robot build time/design
Tuesday 7-?
100$ registry fee

meeting ended 2:24
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Written by David   
Thursday, 21 October 2010 12:58
IEEE Meeting 2:00pm

Attendance: Brett Ryan Bio 2.0 Mike Jake Joe James dave kirk ted kelsey

coffee donuts: broke even
again joe starts bio sales

Pizza was late but it still did good
grant / Brett

Shirts front/back 15/15 polos on pockets
mediums 4
large 5
xl 4
xxl 2

Blimp motor controler does magic.
still looking over battery connection

FLL  NOV 20th people might still be needed.
First lan party last saturday had fun.
it worked out ok.

Robot games Los Vegus
IEEE invite robot comp illinois
UIUC 2011
12/17/2010 reg closes
3/11/2011 competition starts

Ieee meeting ends. 2:35pm
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IEEE meeting 10/14/10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by biodragon   
Thursday, 14 October 2010 15:54
Ieee meeting 10/14/10
start 5:00

Joe, brett, Grant, Bio, logan, jt, jacub, ted, kirk, travis, 2.0, mike, riley, jake, Brandon

sales- not so good had a lot left over. just broke even.
joe makes
Bio: coffee sales.

Pizza: went good had a few pieces left over rightful eaten.
Grant pickup, brett sales.
we would like a pizza Sign.

Free napkin dispenser voted on. (yes)

Shirts maroon
front (Logo LSSU IEEE)
"people that always know"

A&W root beer*
Dr Pepper

Brett is helping with the LAN party. this Saturday.
Prizes: will be their.
5$ entry fee

Franks Fundraiser for first till 8:00 go now!!!

Picket 3 was sent back didn't get handled right.

Blimp project waiting on parts.
Robot arm: we would like to get a new one we have a plan to look around.
Brandon said he'd ask around.

PC: SWE got money for their conference, new groups.

meeting time change to 2:00pm Thursday.
(we dont like waiting around)
5:21 meeting ended.
meeting10/7/10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by David   
Thursday, 07 October 2010 16:01

meeting started 5:00pm

brett is in charge

brett logan bio 2.0 ted levi travis david Dan mike Jacob christian

 were is grant?

coffee/donuts last week we had another group giving away free muffins and yet we still did OK. then we took their muffins 

coffee bio/ sales   Brett donuts

pizza: happened, went well.

grant gets it brett sells


skeeball hasn't had any forward motion yet, still need part.

been working on the lssu blimp. might get to advertise on blimp.


Ieee projects randomness, fundraisers pay for projects.

new members joined, more members then normal getting

talked about the mars rover and other projects.


quick to the point Brett explained the weeks status.

meeting over at 5:20 

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