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Rho-Theta Chapter is active on campus and in the community.  We enjoy weekly meetings, intra-mural sports, the annual Tub-Push across Michigan's Upper Peninsula, a Polar Bear Dip fundraiser, volunteering with the I-500 Snowmobile Race, Big Brothers as well as the Special Olympics.  Each year we celebrate our Chapter's anniversary with our Alumni at the Red Carnation Ball.

Undergraduate Officers:

President:   RJ Macker
Vice-President:   Jacob Northuis
Educator:   Sam Day
Chaplain:   Ben Coleman
Secretary:   Andrew Biederman
Sgt. of Arms:   Charlee Lee
Historian:   Thadius Sabitine
Treasurer:   Jared Heffelblower


Members at Large:

Edward Scott
Michael Misiak
Tyler Fontana
James Mathias
Cody McLaren
Sal Garfalo
Phil Graziani
Brandon Bass
Christian Slone

Upcoming Undergraduate Events:

Tub Push across the U.P.
Great Lake State Weekend
Thanksgiving Dinner
Christmas Dinner
Spring RUSH
Soo I-500 Snowmobile Race
Polar Bear Dip in St. Mary's River
Regional Leadership Conference
Red Carnation Ball
Canoe Trip


Chapter Business:

Alumni Newsletter
IGC Filings
Officer's Reports
Membership Scroll
Rho Theta's Facebook Site
Risk Management Resources
Inter-Greek Council
TKE Gear


Rho-Theta Chapter