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Gary Benjamin

Gary Benjamin '70

President and COO, Champion, Inc.
Iron Mountain, MI

LSSU Business, Economics, and Legal Studies Distinguished Alumni '07

Former LSSU Board Trustee


Meet Our 2015-16 Laker Leaders!

Keith Barker    
Ally Barton Junior Biology Pre-Med
Rayann Basawa Senior Nursing
Ben Bryer    
Amanda Cady Senior Communications
Hannah Conner Junior Psychology
Sam Day    
Erich Gainer    
Molly Harman    
Valerie Hirsch Senior Nursing
Jessica Keilholtz Senior Mathematics Secondary Education
Emily Keister    
Becka Knox Sophomore Psychology
Sloan Kowalewsky Junior Forensic Chemistry
Jacob Mahoney    
Cassie Merritt    
Alissa Peterson    
Caitlyn Schmitigal Senior Elementary Education - Early Childhood Education
Dory Shaffer    
Kyrstin Sheridan Sophomore Criminal Justice & Social Work
Kiffin Smallegan    
Alicia Starks    
Katherine Stewart Senior Elementary Education - Special Education
Robert Valdez    
Morgan VanWinkle Sophomore Environmental Chemistry
Natalie Vondette Junior Medical Lab Science
Kody Wagner Senior Communication
Julianna Weir    

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Political Science ...

Krystal Bosley

Krystal Bosley
Political Science

"The study of political science/law is basically the path of least resistance for me. It is a subject that has always interested me, and one that I have proved to be naturally insightful in. Studying political science isn’t just the study of how governments function or how it is composed, but the study of why it exists and to what ends. In short, it is the study of what makes everything else possible."

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