Redefining the Classroom

New Student Issues

Students preparing to dive into college for the first time may have a lot of things on their minds this summer, such as:

  • Feeling sad about leaving established friends and family at home
  • Concern about issues of “belonging” and finding a comfortable place on campus
  • Excitement coupled with anxiety about making a fresh start
  • Worry about academics being “hard” and beyond their abilities
  • Thinking about what type of first impression they’ll make
  • Concern about roommates and housing (if living on campus)
  • Wondering what to pack and what to leave at home since space will be limited
  • Possibly transitioning into a long-distance relationship or deciding to end a current relationship
  • Financial worries—wondering if they’ll be able to make enough during the summer and also how much they’ll need to work once school begins
  • What to expect during orientation and what questions to ask so they’ll be prepared for the fall semester