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Motor Vehicle Ordinances

Revised: August 2007

In accordance with 1978 Michigan Public Act 515, Section 1, as amended, the following parking ordinances were enacted by the Board of Trustees of Lake Superior State University. These ordinances shall be enforced on the campus of Lake Superior State University and any violation thereof are deemed to be a civil infraction under Michigan law.

It is unlawful to furnish the Vehicle Registration Department with fraudulent information which would restrict the proper issuance of a parking permit.

Pedestrians have the right away on campus at all times.

Operation and parking of vehicles on sidewalks is strictly prohibited.

I. Definitions

  1. CAMPUS: Includes all property owned and operated by Lake Superior State University.
  2. UNIVERSITY-REGISTERED MOTOR VEHICLE: Describes self-propelled motor vehicles bearing a valid Lake Superior State University registration permit, properly displayed.
  3. COMMUTER: Includes all University students who drive from their off-campus residence to the University.
  4. RESIDENT: Includes all University students living in a residence hall or University apartment.
  5. UNIVERSITY YEAR: That period of time beginning the first day of classes following fall semester registration through the last day of summer session.
  6. VISITOR: Any person who is not a student or employee of the University.
  7. GENERAL PARKING AREAS: Valid parking for all University registered vehicles.

II. Motorcycles/Motor Scooters/Motorbikes/Mopeds

Motorcycles, motor scooters, motorbikes and mopeds are considered motor vehicles and are governed by these Ordinances:

  1. They must be registered with Vehicle Registration and the permit properly displayed.
  2. They must have proper safety equipment as specified by the Michigan Vehicle Code.
  3. All riders must wear safety helmets as specified by the Michigan Vehicle Code.
  4. They may not be parked or stored in any campus building or entrance.

III. Bicycles

  1. You are encouraged to register with the Public Safety Department.
  2. Must use the roadway or sidewalk, when operated on campus, giving pedestrians the right of way.
  3. Persons riding bicycles must abide by all traffic laws.

IV. Registration of Motor Vehicles

  1. All students, faculty, staff and visitors operating a vehicle on campus must have it registered with Public Safety (located in the Administration Building).
  2. Motor vehicles must be operated according to the ordinances outlined.
  3. Vehicle registration payment is made at the Fletcher Center for Student Services between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays.
  4. Motor vehicles brought on campus during the semester must be registered immediately.
  5. Any visitor or operator of an unregistered vehicle on campus must report to Public Safety for a temporary or visitor parking permit. Arrangements for temporary or visitor registration may be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  6. Any person who is in possession of a valid State or Provincial handicap tag may park in any designated handicap spot on campus. The University requests that the person register their vehicle free of charge.
  7. Persons requesting a permit that is designated "Special" must contact the Director of the Public Safety Department to apply. These permits are issued on a limited basis and allow the owner to park in any legal parking space except those in D-Lot.

V. Visitors

  1. Visitors may use any of the timed parking areas on campus without registration (see lot listing for availability).
  2. Arrangements for extended parking must be made by contacting Public Safety (Administration Building). Visitors will be assigned a designated lot.
  3. Visitors receiving tickets on campus should pay them at the Fletcher Center for Student Services.

VI. Registration and Identification of Motor Vehicles

  1. Registration Fees:
    1. $85 for the University year.
    2. $45 for one semester only.
  2. Students who are registered only for night classes (beginning 5 p.m. or after) are not required to register their vehicles for evening parking (check lot listings for available lots and restrictions). Permission to park in commuter lots before 5 p.m. must be obtained from the Public Safety Department. Not to exceed 14 days per semester.
  3. Temporary, alternate, medical and other registrations
    1. One-week temporary permits can be issued to students who do not have a vehicle registered. If a vehicle is brought on campus more than the given days, it must be registered with a permanent registration.
    2. Temporary medical parking permits are available for students who are registered for parking on campus. These permits are valid on campus for not more than 30 days a semester. A physician's statement is required. Application for such permit can be made at the Public Safety Department.
  4. Permit Location: Registration permits are to be displayed on the inside front windshield, lower right-hand corner (passenger side). Permits located other than in lower right-hand corner will not be considered valid.
  5. Changes: Changes in license plate number and/or address must be reported to Vehicle Registration immediately.
  6. Outdated Permits: Must be removed from vehicle. If more than one LSSU permit is on a vehicle, none will be considered valid.
  7. Transferring of Permits: Transferring of permits from one person to another is prohibited. Transferring a permit from one vehicle to another is allowed as long as the owner removes the old permit to exchange for new one. The transfer is completed at the Student Service Center.
  8. Lost Permits: If, for any reason, a registration permit is lost, it must be immediately reported to the Public Safety Department. If the permit is not reported missing, any citation issued to that permit will be the responsibility of the permit owner.
  9. Registration Fee Refund
    1. Students graduating in December will be reimbursed one-half of the amount paid during the fall semester for motor vehicle registration. Permits must be returned to the Student Service Center prior to the second Friday of spring semester for a refund.
    2. Students dropping after pre-registering for parking may be reimbursed the full amount before the second Friday of the fall semester or half the original amount until the second Friday of the spring semester.
  10. Persons bringing a different vehicle on campus, other than the one they registered, may obtain a temporary parking permit for their lot from Public Safety.

VII. Parking Regulations

  1. Parking on city streets is covered by Sault Ste. Marie City ordinances.
  2. No parking is allowed on any University street at any time.
  3. Resident students will be assigned to a particular lot. Students must park in their designated lots or designated overflow if applicable.
  4. Students may be asked to move their vehicles to a pre-cleaned area during winter months for the purpose of snow removal. Failure to move your vehicle, as requested will result in fine (see Parking Fines - No. 11).
  5. Parking is prohibited along all roadways or where no legal space exists.
  6. All resident students are prohibited from parking a motor vehicle on campus, other than designated areas, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Special permission for exceptions must be obtained from Public Safety. Temporary permits must be obtained.
  7. Driving or parking on sidewalks is prohibited, except by special permission for commercial or service vehicles.
  8. Parking or driving on lawns or seeded areas is strictly prohibited at all times.
  9. Parking in paved lots is restricted to the paved surface and in designated parking spaces only.
  10. Vehicles parked in violation of any ordinance may be removed at the owner's expense.
  11. Stopping, standing or parking vehicles within 15 feet of a fire hydrant is prohibited and will be removed at owners expense.
  12. It is unlawful to stop, stand or park a vehicle in such a manner as to impede exiting from any University building.

VIII. Parking Lot Locations (pdf)

  • Lot A Restricted 7 a.m.-5 p.m. (M-F): Designated commuter students and faculty/staff. Located adjacent to the Norris Center (north lot). Open parking 5 p.m.-midnight (M-F) and 7 a.m.-midnight (Sat.-Sun.). Overflow parking in for Lot N and Lot B. No overnight parking. Lot A/B/E permit required.
  • Lot B Restricted 7 a.m.-5 p.m. (M-F). Designated commuter students and faculty/staff. Located adjacent to the Norris Center (south lot). Open parking 5 p.m.-midnight (M-F) and 7 a.m.-midnight (Sat.-Sun). Overflow parking in Lot N. No overnight parking. Lot A/B/E permit required.
  • Lot C Restricted 24 hours: Designated for Osborn and Student Village dormitory residents. Located south of the tennis courts. Lot C/L permit required.
  • Lot D Restricted 24 hours: Designated for visitors only. Located adjacent to Administration Building. No overnight parking.
  • Lot E Restricted 7 a.m.-5 p.m. (M-F): Designated for senior commuter students and faculty/staff. Located behind CASET. Open parking 5pm-midnight (M-F) and 7am-midnight (Sat-Sun). No overnight parking. This also allows for parking in Lots A/B Lot E permit required.
  • Lot F Restricted 24 Hours: Designated for University Row resident students. Located behind University Row. Faculty/staff parking in designated spaces only. Overflow parking in Lot C/L. Lot F permit required.
  • Lot G Restricted 24 Hours: Designated for residents of Ryan and Easterday Houses. Overflow parking in Lot C/L. Lot G permit required.
  • Lot H Restricted 24 hours. Located south of Physical Plant. Designated for Brady Hall residents. Lot H permit required.
  • Lot J Restricted to faculty/staff 7 a.m.-5 p.m. (M-F). Open parking 5 p.m.-midnight (M-F), and 7 a.m.-midnight (Sat & Sun). No overnight parking. Special or F/S permit required.
  • Lot K Restricted 24 hours: located south of the Fine and Performing Arts Building. Designated for Faculty/Staff, visitors, and Barnes & Noble at Lake Superior State University's 30 minute parking spaces. Lot F/S permit required.
  • Lot L Restricted 24 hours: Designated for Osborn and Student Village dormitory residents. Located across Easterday Avenue from Crawford Hall. Lot C/L permit required.
  • Lot N Restricted 7 a.m.-midnight. Designated overflow parking for all commuter lots. No overnight parking.
  • Lot O Restricted for Osborn Hall and Student Village residents 7 a.m. to midnight. Lot closed midnight to 7 a.m. No overnight parking. Lot C/L permit required.
  • Lot S Restricted 24 Hours: Designated for residents of Moloney, Neveu and Marquette Halls. Located adjacent to said buildings. Overflow in Lot C/L. Lot S permit required.
  • Lot T Restricted 24 Hours: Designated for Townhouse residents. Located adjacent to the Townhouses. Overflow in Lot C/L. Lot T permit required.
  • Lot X Restricted 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (M-F). Open 5 p.m.-midnight (M-F) and 8 a.m.-midnight Saturday and Sunday. Parking in spaces with signs only. No overnight parking.

IX. General Information

  1. The individual registering a vehicle with the University shall be held responsible for any parking violation committed.
  2. Vehicles left on campus during vacation breaks must be parked in designated lots. Vehicles are not allowed to be left on campus during summer semester.
  3. Abandoned Vehicles: All vehicles must have a current state vehicle registration, a valid LSSU permit and be in operating condition or they will be processed as abandoned vehicles.

X. Payment of Fines

  1. All fines are payable in person at the Parking Fine Bureau of Student Service Center of Lake Superior State University within ten (10) days, or they may be paid by mail (check or money order). Payment of the fine, either in person or by mail, constitutes an admission of responsibility to the indicated offense and waiver of trial on the offense.
  2. Questions regarding specific parking tickets received should be directed to the Public Safety Department, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  3. Failure to pay fines will result in a "hold" on your academic records, placing the balance of fines on your student account, or being sent to State collections.

XI. Appeals

Any appeal of any violation received must be filed within 10 calendar days of the violation to be considered. If the Director of Public Safety finds that the violation issued was written in error, the Director could revoke the violation. All other appeals will be forwarded to the Parking Appeals Committee for their consideration. The Appeals Committee is comprised of students, staff and faculty members, who meet on a regular basis to consider written appeals. Decisions of the Appeals Committee are final. If an individual wishes to address the committee in regards to a decision, he/she may make arrangements through the Public Safety Department to appeal to the Appeals Committee at their next scheduled meeting. Appeals which are seldom granted are those which involve lack of knowledge of the regulations, forgetfulness, failure to follow posted signs, inability to find a legally marked parking space, and parking in reserved or handicapped designated parking spaces without the proper permit.

XII. Schedule of Fines

Offense Fine After 10 Days
Failure to Register Vehicle/Display Permit $  25.00 $  35.00
Parking Other Than Assigned $  20.00 $  30.00
Improper Overnight Parking $  20.00 $  30.00
Parking in Handicap Zone $100.00 $110.00
Reproducing/Defacing Permit $  25.00 $  35.00
Parking in Front of Dumpster $  25.00 $  35.00
Violation of 30-Minute Limit $  25.00 $  35.00
Violation of 20-Minute Limit $  25.00 $  35.00
Parking on Street/Roadway $  20.00 $  30.00
Improper Manner of Parking $  20.00 $  30.00
Failure to Remove for Snow Removal $  25.00 $  35.00
Failure to Remove for Break $  25.00 $  35.00
Parking in Loading Zone $  20.00 $  30.00
Prohibited Parking on Sidewalk $  20.00 $  30.00
Too Close to Driveway $  20.00 $  30.00
Too Close to Hydrant $  20.00 $  30.00
Too Close to Crosswalk $  20.00 $  30.00
Obstructing Sidewalk $  20.00 $  30.00
Within 30 Feet of Side Street Traffic Sign $  20.00 $  30.00
Double Parking $  20.00 $  30.00
In Prohibited Zones (signs posted) $  20.00 $  30.00
Parking on Grass $  20.00 $  30.00
Abandoned Vehicle $  25.00 $  35.00
Fraudulent Registration of Vehicle $  25.00 $  35.00

XIII. Enforcement

  1. The enforcement of these ordinances will be performed by officers of the LSSU Public Safety Department.
  2. It is the responsibility of all individuals operating or parking a vehicle on campus to familiarize themselves with these ordinances. Tearing down or larceny of signs will not alter parking restrictions and violations will be enforced.
  3. At times, traffic laws inconvenience individuals, but in such cases it should be remembered that these laws are for the general good, and all should willingly comply in the interest of the orderly functioning of the University.
  4. Parking prohibited (no sign required), except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with law or direction of traffic-control devices.
  5. Persons accumulating 10 or more citations during the academic year will be turned over to the University Disciplinary Committee.

XVI. Vehicle Gasoline Leaks

  1. No vehicle shall be brought on campus while leaking gas or other flammable liquids.
  2. If a vehicle is leaking gas, the owner will be ordered to have the vehicle removed from campus until the necessary repairs are made.
  3. If the owner cannot be located in a timely manner, the vehicle will be towed to a safe location until the owner claims the vehicle after paying all fines and/towing fees.
  4. It is each person's duty to notify the Public Safety Department if a vehicle is observed leaking gas or other flammable liquid.
  5. Gas leaks create a fire hazard and pose a threat to our environmental well-being.

Faculty, staff and students are required to obtain special permission from the Public Safety Department for parking near buildings for the purpose of loading and unloading only.

Public Safety: 906-635-2210, or extension 2210