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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your offices located?

Our Offices are located in the Leno A. Pianosi Maintenance Center on the southwest corner of Meridian and Fourth Avenues (see our Interactive Campus Map).

What is your mailing address?

Lake Superior State University
Leno A. Pianosi Maintenance Center
1100 Meridian Street
Sault Sainte Marie, MI 49783

How do I submit a work order or request maintenance services?

Utility outages or emergency service requests can be made by contacting the Physical Plant office, during normal work hours, at 2371.  After hours contact Public Safety at 2210.

  • If you are a student with a maintenance need during normal work hours contact the Housing Office at 2411; After hours, contact Public Safety at 2210.
  • Faculty and Staff need to put a work request in by using the work request page.

What is your fax number?

(906) 635-2764

What is the University policy on window mounted AC units?

A long-standing University policy has been to disallow the use of window mounted air conditioners on Campus. The following are some of the various reasons for this policy.

  • Power constraints - many facilities on Campus are at or near capacity and additional draws, such as from window AC units, tax an already stressed system.
  • Utility costs - the University is trying to maintain utility costs at a minimum and cooling is more expensive than heating.
  • Maintenance - currently, there is only one HVAC technician on Campus. With all of the systems and components he is already responsible for, we cannot add more to the mix.
  • Installation/removal - the buildings on Campus without AC are the older buildings and the windows in these buildings are most likely not conducive to just sticking an AC unit in the window. They will require special attention such as carpenters, painters, and the like for Spring installation and Fall removal. LSSU Maintenance cannot direct its limited work force in this capacity.
  • Building Materials - often, a window AC unit will create water damage on the interior and exterior building materials. This type of damage is often costly to repair.
  • Aesthetics - the University is trying to maintain an aesthetically appealing appearance without having window units sticking out everywhere.
  • Health & Safety Issues - window AC units that are not regularly maintained may become incubators to mold and bacteria which may create health risks to our students, faculty and staff.