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Vehicle Request Form

To request a vehicle from the LSSU Motor Pool, please complete the entire following form, and then select "Submit Vehicle Request". If you wish to clear the form at any time, select "Reset Form".

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      [Note that all persons driving the Laker Bus must have a valid CDL with passenger endorsement.]
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All form information requested (unless marked optional) must be provided or this vehicle request may not be accepted.

Please be advised that upon submitting this form, the above information will be transmitted via an insecure Internet connection to the LSSU Motor Pool and your Department Supervisor. Although the Motor Pool will attempt to maintain privacy of your request within their own department, it cannot be guaranteed that your transmission will not become public record, subject to public release and inspection.

All drivers will need a valid drivers license approved by the Motor Pool before obtaining keys for the vehicle. If you have not submitted your license number or an out of state MVR report to the Motor Pool within the last 12 months, please call Ron Raffaele at extension 2617, or e-mail the Motor Pool with your number.

After submitting this form, if you do not receive confirmation from the Motor Pool within a reasonable amount of time, please contact Ron Raffaele at extension 2617. The Motor Pool will confirm your vehicle request via telephone or email.

Vehicle Rates