Redefining the Classroom

Services Provided

Physical Plant provides a wide variety of services at LSSU. Although most problems can be submitted to us directly, students should contact the Housing Department (at extension 2411) to report a needed service in a housing unit.

We fix things like:

  • electrical power and lighting
  • heating and air conditioning systems
  • broken doors and windows
  • leaky faucets and backed up sewers

We move things like:

  • people - motor pool service
  • packages, supplies, and equipment all over campus

We keep the campus clean and attractive by:

  • cutting grass and landscaping
  • plowing snow in the winter months
  • providing custodial care
  • overseeing renovation and addition projects

Some things we don't fix.

Physical Plant does not provide these sevices:

  • tables and chairs (pdf)
  • communications: for phone and internet services, call the Information Technology Help Desk at extension 6677
  • Norris Center maintenance: for service at the Norris Center, call the building manager at extension 2366
  • computer maintenance: for computer help call the Information Technology Help Desk at extension 6677

If you have any questions about the services that Physical Plant offers you, please call us at extension 2371 (906-635-2371).