Our Staff

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Bird Watcher 1

Senior Bird Watcher

I am senior bird watcher :D

Email: birdwatchdude@lssu.edu
Mobile: 555-555-5551
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Bird Watcher 2

Data Recorder

I record the data and stuff

Email: datadude@lssu.edu
Mobile: 555-555-5552
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Bird Watcher 3


I take pictures of the birds.

Email: picturedude@lssu.edu
Mobile: 555-555-5553
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Bird Watcher 4

Region Coordinator

I help the different regions communicate and exchange data.

Email: communicationdude@lssu.edu
Mobile: 555-555-5554

Our History

We have been working on this project for however many years.

We really strive to protect this bird and work hard to do so.

  • 1. History stuff
  • 2. More History stuff
  • 3. More stuff
  • More stuff :D

Plover Update

Directors Comments about previous bird watching

John - Senior Bird Watcher

Took more pictures today :D

Anton Photographer

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