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Redefining the Classroom: Environment

"Climate change is evident everywhere. Lake Superior State University puts students out in the environment. LSSU Fisheries and Wildlife Management and Fish Health students study the effects of pollution, disease and population change on fish and wildlife. Environmental Health students assist climate change and the impact on public health. Engineering students work hands-on studying water pollution and waste management controls. LSSU offers these special programs because we see the need to protect the environment while providing the best education possible. Lake Superior State University - Redefining the Classroom. "


Redefining the Classroom: Community

"Students at Lake Superior State University learn the skills necessary to be an integral part of their community. Nursing, Exercise Science and Athletics Training students study and intern at area hospitals and outpatient facilities. Criminal Justice and Fire Science students gain hands-on experience working with community members. Education student acquire leadership experience through the Master's program. LSSU offers these programs because it believes in a strong community. Lake Superior State University - Redefining the Classroom. "

LSSU ARL Fishcam

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Redefining the Classroom

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