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Section: General Administration Section Number: 1.13
Subject: Honorary Naming Policy Date of Present Issue: 04/28/2011
  Date of Previous Issues:


Lake Superior State University may, on occasion, recognize the contributions or service of a friend, alumnus, faculty or staff member by naming a campus space or service in their honor. The reasons for such recognition may be many, including developing and maintaining a sense of tradition and history and/or cultivation of relationships beneficial to the University.

It shall be the practice of Lake Superior State University to measure proposed honorary naming opportunities using the following criteria:

  • A five year waiting period following separation from their role at the University is in effect for faculty members, administrators and staff.
  • Significant contributions to the life of the University as a faculty member, administrator, staff or friend; and/or
  • Significant and relevant financial or gift-in-kind contributions to the University; and/or
  • Length of service to the institution; and/or
  • Significant contributions to the life of the University following separation from their role as a faculty member, administrator, staff member, or friend; and/or
  • Special consideration for instances where the above criteria do not apply.


A Honorary Naming Policy Committee will consist of, at a minimum, the Provost, Director of Human Resources, Director of Public Relations and the Executive Director of the LSSU Foundation. The committee will review the University's history for obvious gaps in such honors and opportunities, and identify appropriate locations for such honors. Justification for each honorary naming decision will be reviewed by the cabinet prior to submission to the development committee of the LSSU Board of Trustees for consideration. Final approval must be granted by the Board of Trustees.  

The Honorary Naming Policy (HNP) Committee will establish internal procedures for appropriate research of the individuals to be honored.

The HNP Committee would consider significant contributions of service as defined by:

  • Minimum years of service (20 years)
  • Emeritus status
  • Role in developing or expanding an academic program or service
  • Other considerations and circumstances warranting recognition

A file for future reference will be maintained in the LSSU Foundation office. Foundation staff will coordinate the HNP Committee activities.

The approval process requires documentation including:

- a brief biography of the person to be honored by the naming

- why the naming is being proposed

- how the naming meets the criteria of this policy

Approval processing times may vary depending on the type of naming request and the meeting schedules of the HNP Committee and the Board of Trustees.

These procedures will be evaluated and revised as needed.

Recent naming examples: (not all inclusive)

Gil Gleason Museum - much of what is in the museum came from Gil and his family. Additionally, he was one of the early faculty who shaped the future of the institution.

Ernie Kemp Museum was christened as such upon the request of the donors - Margaret and Winton Chance.

Gale Gleason Environmental Institute was so named for Gale’s contributions to the science programs.

Don & Catherine Finlayson Award in recognition of 40 years of service to the University.

Bud Cooper Gymnasium: Bud taught, coached and was athletic director for 30 years. His teams remain among the best in school history, and he has long been among our most active volunteers on behalf of the alumni and foundation.

James Myers Drive: Jim started the athletic programs at the Soo Tech and is the father of Laker Athletics. The Drive honors one of the charter members of the Soo Branch.

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