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Section: General Administration Section Number: 1.14
Subject: Web Advertising Date of Present Issue: 02/07/00
  Date of Previous Issues:


Lake Superior State University web pages should not include adverting or links to commercial sites unless directly related to the direct benefit of the user. Links or services to commercial sites must be provided as a service to our constituencies with the intent of providing a full-service site. If users will look elsewhere for information/services, commercial links from LSSU's page may be provided for convenience.

This proscription includes banner and display ads promoting products and services. The LSSU web site is an information based resource and customer service based platform for an educational institution.

Enforcement: Contracts for vendor advertising must be approved by the Grants and Contracts Office, and notification of approval made to the Campus Web Committee by the requestor.

Links and pages in violation of this policy will be pulled by the LSSU Webmaster until the situation is rectified.

Exceptions: This restriction does not include products, programs or services that the University provides such as conferences, banquets, housing or Campus Shoppe.

Review: The Working Group will review this policy annually. As trends and growth in web-based services change rapidly, LSSU needs to insure it stays current with the appropriate trends.

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