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Section: General Administration Section Number: 1.4.1
Subject: Grant Proposal Date of Present Issue: 10/02/96
  Date of Previous Issues:
08/82, 07/87, 01/88

                                                    External Funding Proposal Application Procedure

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to apply for external funds that will support the University's mission and enhance services to students and to the region.




Project Director

Prior to submission of the proposal, completes and submits to the Office of Sponsored Programs the Proposal Form for External Funding (Grants & Contracts) (see attachment)

School Chair, Dean, Director of Sponsored Programs, Risk Manager, IT Director, Director of Human Resources, Appropriate Cabinet Member, VP Finance, and Provost or President

Reviews and signs the Proposal Form for External Funding (Grants & Contracts) indicating approval/disapproval

Director of Sponsored Programs

Receives a copy of completed proposal form and notifies Project Director

Project Director

Submits a copy of the full proposal to the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Submits to the Office of Sponsored Programs a copy of the budget once it is approved by the funding source

Director of Sponsored Programs

Distributes copies of the approved budget to the Business Office.

Application:  The primary responsibility for the preparation of a specific, formal application for external funding (grants & contracts) rests with the individual faculty or staff member, or with the department originating the request.  Information and assistance with preparation of the proposal is available through the Office of Sponsored Programs. References are available for use at the Administration Building and at the Kenneth J. Shouldice Library.

Signatures:  All proposal forms will be signed by the appropriate individuals with final approval by the Provost or President and are not to be submitted to an external agency until the pre-proposal process has been completed.

Awards and Approvals:  Copies of award letters and other approval documents for external funding shall be sent to the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Submission of Reports:  Timely submission of all reports to the funding source shall be the responsibility of the Project Director with the assistance of the Grants & Contracts Accountant.


The Internal Proposal Form, as revised, is now available in pdf form on the LSSU website at "Quick Links A to Z", "G - Grants and Contracts", "Internal Proposal Form" (left margin menu), "Download the LSSU Proposal Form for Grants and Funded Projects (pdf)".


Revision Date




Made By



Grammatical corrections. Updated to reflect current University structure. All forms revised.

K. Hemming, M. Walworth, Academic Policies and Procedures Committee.

Director of Sponsored Programs, Provost, Shared Governance.

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