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Section: General Administration Section Number: 1.6.1
Subject: Public Relations Office -
Request for Photographs
Date of Present Issue: 11/21/00
  Date of Previous Issues:


The purposes of the University photographer and photographs are:

  1. To publicize Lake Superior State University on a regional, state, and national basis.

  2. To organize and develop an archive of photographs and preserve the history of the University in still photographs.

  3. To assist University departments and organizations in the preparation of photographs for official University promotional use and publications.

  1. Requests for photographs must be made in writing to the Department of Public Relations, two weeks in advance of the individual, group, or event to be photographed.

  2. Late requests will be accepted and considered on a time available basis.

  3. In the event of a schedule conflict, the director of Public Relations or his/her immediate supervisor shall make the final determination of the assignment of the photographer/writer.

  4. All Public Relations photographs must be identified and published crediting both the University and the photographer.

  5. Public Relations photographs may not be reprinted or used in any manner internally or externally without written authorization by the director of Public Relations or the photographer.

  6. University departments and organizations requesting photographs will be billed for all supplies used in the development of photos on campus and any fees for the development of color slides and prints off campus, plus the photographer's time.

  7. Public Relations cannot usually take photographs for personal use; however, passport or visa photos may be obtained, as well as other requests on a case-by-case basis.

  8. Reprints of existing photographs may be purchased from the Department of Public Relations according to a published scale of fees.

  9. The director of Public Relations in consultation with his/her supervisor and the photographer will be the final decision maker on the selection of photographs for University use.

  10. The Department of Public Relations will not ordinarily process or print film other than that taken by the staff photographer or his/her designee. A list of commercial laboratories for processing will be provided.
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