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Section: General Administration Section Number: 1.8
Subject: Policy on Political Activity of Staff Members Date of Present Issue: 10/15/92
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As citizens, staff members of Lake Superior State University have the same rights and responsibilities of free speech, thought, and action as all citizens. Their special position in the community, however, imposes special obligations, such as emphasizing that they are not institutional spokespersons, showing a respect for the opinions of others, striving for accuracy at all times, and exercising appropriate restraint.

Additionally, the University recognizes that staff members may wish to actively participate in the political process through candidacy or by appointment to public office. Such activity is not discouraged where Lake Superior State University has ensured that the private activity will not impair the staff member's primary obligation to fulfill his/her responsibilities to the University. Accordingly, the following provisions are established for the mutual protection of staff members and the University:

  1. Staff members are expected to discuss such candidacy or appointment with their immediate supervisor, appropriate Vice President, and with the President prior to public announcement.

  2. Staff members who become candidates for elective state and federal offices shall be required to obtain a leave of absence for the period of such candidacy and any incumbency if elected. Determination of the period of such candidacy and of the time of the required leave of absence shall rest with the President.

  3. Staff members who become candidates for the State Board of Education, for elective non-state or non-federal offices of a temporary or part-time nature, such as a municipal charter revision commission, a local school board, or a county or municipal board or council, or staff members who serve in such offices will not be required to obtain a leave of absence provided suitable and mutually satisfactory arrangements are made with appropriate administrative officers for performance of the staff member's regular duties.

  4. No materials, facilities, or services owned or provided by Lake Superior State University shall be used in conjunction with such outside activity.
Approved by the Board of Control (Regents) on October 16, 1980
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