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Section: Academic Administration Section Number: 2.1.2
Subject: Academic Departments: Service Credit for Sabbatical Leave Date of Present Issue: 01/29/99
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MPSERS regulations state that "Employees on sabbatical leave maintain membership status, but by law do not receive retirement service credit while on leave." Therefore, MPSERS member employees on sabbatical leave are not reported as working for retirement service credit to the State of Michigan during the leave.

Retirement credit for sabbatical leave may be purchased under the following conditions:

  1. a member has accrued a minimum of 5.0 years retirement credit immediately preceding the law
  2. a member has returned to the same employer and accrued 1.0 year of retirement credit following the leave, and
  3. the leave was granted for professional improvement.

After the employee returns to work for one year, the employee must apply to MPSERS for credit for the sabbatical leave which will be typically charged at a reduced rate. The University will make payment for those who qualify. Those who are enrolled in the Member Investment Plan (MIP) do not have to pay the required percentage for this purchased time.

Employees in the optional retirement system, TIAA/CREF, will have contributions paid while they are on leave in the normal manner.


Director of Human Resources 1. Will provide each MPSERS employee awarded a sabbatical leave a copy of the "Guidelines" published by MPSERS, which outlines the legal requirements for those on sabbatical leave. Each MPSERS employee who is awarded a sabbatical leave will sign a statement that he/she has read the Guidelines and accepts the conditions noted.
Dean 2. Prepares a payroll authorization to show the change of status for payroll purposes, coded with a -1190 object code.
3. Prepares change of status form(s) for presentation to the Board of Trustees for approval.
Provost 4. Forwards copy(ies) of the Board action to the Human Resources Office.
Payroll Office 5. Submits form(s) to the State of Michigan.
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