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Section: Academic Administration Section Number: 2.1.3
Subject: Academic Departments: Professional Development Funds Date of Present Issue: 11/03/11
  Date of Previous Issues:
04/88, 08/01


The contractual Agreement between Lake Superior State University and the LSSU Faculty Association calls for an allocation of professional development funds for each full-time faculty member and a pro-rated share for all regular part-time faculty members.

Guidelines for use of these funds are spelled out in Section 15.3 of the Agreement.



Vice President for Finance
  1. Transfers carry-over balances from preceding year.
  2. Allocates allotment for the new year; based on spreadsheet from Provost/VPAA (BANNER data).
Dean/Academic Secretary
  1. Prepares/updates Faculty Development Funds form using template (O:\PROVOST'S OFFICE\Professional Development\ Professional Development Fund Balances Summary Report Template.xls) for each faculty member.
  2. Makes entries for the use or transfer of funds during the year.
Faculty Member
  1. Prepares "Use or Reallocation of Professional Development Funds" (O:\PROVOST’S OFFICE\Professional Development\PDF FORMS\PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ALLOCATION OF FUNDS FORM.doc) and submits it to the dean for approval.
  1. Approves or rejects request.
  2. If the request is a reallocation of funds, the recipient must sign the form.
Academic Secretary
  1. If the request is for a purchase, prepares paperwork needed to complete request of faculty member.
  2. Distributes copies of the form for department files, faculty member, with a copy to the recipient if it is a transfer of funds.
  3. Enters transaction into PDF form for faculty member.
  4. Checks departmentally maintained faculty balances against BANNER records periodically and at year end.
Faculty Member
  1. Reports professional development activities annually on FPDSA form (O:\PROVOST'S OFFICE\Professional Development\PDF FORMS\ PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT REPORTING FORM.doc) or submits a current vitae that includes all professional development activities.


Revision Date Revision Summary Revision Made By Title/Dept.
11-03-2011 Corrected titles. Modified all steps to reflect current practice and forms used. Eliminated all references to off-campus use of equipment and related insurance coverage. M. Walworth Provost


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