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Section: Academic Administration Section Number: 2.1.4
Subject: Academic Departments: Emeritus Appointments Date of Present Issue: 06/01/14
  Date of Previous Issues:
09/89, 12/95, 11/11, 3/12


On behalf of Lake Superior State University, the Board of Trustees may grant Emeritus status to a faculty member with academic rank in recognition of demonstrable meritorious teaching, outstanding service, or published research. This designation may be assigned to:

  • associate or full professors, who have terminated their responsibilities as a result of retirement after a minimum of ten years at the University, or
  • a faculty member at any rank as a result of retirement after a minimum of twenty years of service to the University,

provided the candidate has attained the age of 55 at the time of retirement.

Individuals shall become eligible for consideration for an Emeritus appointment upon retirement. The designation Emeritus shall be appended to the rank held at retirement, e.g., Associate Professor Emeritus. Emeritus designations shall specifically indicate the candidate's discipline, e.g., Professor Emeritus of Engineering Technology.

No compensation accrues by the granting of Emeritus status. The following privileges, however, are available to recipients of the title:

  • staff parking at specified locations upon receiving a valid parking permit
  • attendance at departmental and University faculty meetings with voice but no vote
  • access to library services
  • participation in ceremonial and social functions of the University when appropriate
  • listing in the University's catalog
  • use of an office for Emeritus professors in the Library




Provost/VPAA and Deans

By February 15, the Provost/VPAA shall discuss individually with the Deans the candidates eligible for Emeritus appointment. Mutually acceptable candidates shall be advanced by the respective Dean for consideration by the School faculty.


Shall convene the School faculty by March 15 of each year so faculty can offer advice about candidates eligible for Emeritus appointment by virtue of demonstrable meritorious teaching, outstanding service, or published research.


May formulate and forward recommendation along with a comprehensive statement attesting to the candidate's fitness to the Provost by April 10. Should a recommendation be prepared on an administrative staff member, the appropriate Vice President shall forward it along with a comprehensive statement attesting to the candidate’s fitness to the President in accordance with procedure 4.8.13.


The Provost will review all submissions and forward recommendations, as well as a comprehensive statement attesting to the candidate's fitness, to the President by April 15.


May formulate and forward recommendations to the Board of Trustees for consideration at its April/May meeting. Should the President prepare a recommendation on an administrative staff member, he/she shall also forward that along with a comprehensive statement attesting to the candidate's fitness (in accordance with procedure 4.8.13) in time for the April/May meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees

Shall approve/disapprove the recommendations of the President.


Shall notify individuals about the action taken on their candidacies by the Board of Trustees.

*Dean: Indicates the immediate supervisor of the faculty member. Other related titles include Associate Provost and Director.

Revision Date

Revision Summary

Revision Made By



Corrected titles. Updated BOT meeting date to April/May.

M. Walworth



Removed/Modified language covered in 4.8.13 and focused this policy on faculty. Added the Provost to the steps. Removed other VPs. Clarified immediate supervisor (Dean, Director, Associate Provost, or any individual named as the immediate supervisor of faculty).

M. Walworth



After review by Shared Governance - Academic Policy and Procedures Committee, additional language was added to include lower ranked faculty in consideration of emeritus status.

Additionally, the first paragraph was streamlined and redundant references to types of faculty were removed.

M. Walworth



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