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Section: Academic Administration Section Number: 2.1.5
Subject: Academic Departments: Promotion Policy for Deans Date of Present Issue: 11/04/11
  Date of Previous Issues: 02/91


By virtue of their position, academic Deans, or their equivalent, are senior faculty by rank; therefore, promotion will address only moving from associate professor to full professor. Furthermore, since these individuals are the academic leaders of their respective units, they should set the highest academic standards on campus. Consequently, the minimum academic credentials for promotion to full professor status shall be the doctorate degree. Therefore, to be considered for promotion in rank, the minimum academic preparation acceptable shall be as follows:

    Professor: Earned doctorate plus five years at the Associate Professor level at Lake Superior State University.

The foregoing is the minimum that is acceptable to be considered for promotion. Responsibilities of these individuals are diverse and administrative in nature. Promotion in rank is neither automatic nor based primarily on seniority.


The Promotions Committee shall be composed of all academic Deans, or their equivalent, (including Directors) on the Provost's Council, who are not applying for promotion, and the Provost. The chair of the Promotions Committee shall be the senior ranking member of the Provost's Council. For convenience, the Provost shall convene the first meeting. Individuals wishing to be considered for promotion must submit their files to the Promotions Committee by May 1. The Promotions Committee will review the evidence submitted to it and recommend or not recommend individuals for promotions by May 15. The Provost will then review all recommendations from the Promotions Committee, whether positive or negative. By June 1, the Provost will forward to the President only those individuals recommended for promotion. Those individuals not recommended for promotion will be notified of the results of the two levels of review. The President will then review the list. If the President concurs, the recommendations shall be transmitted to the Board of Trustees for its consideration and decision during the summer Board meeting. Promotions will become effective September 1 of that year and result in a base salary increase equal to that provided in the faculty contract.


The criteria used to evaluate these individuals for promotion will be similar to that used for faculty. The application will consist of four parts:

  • General information as outlined in Attachment 1. This section should also include a narrative summarizing the individual's accomplishments, including a rationale as to why he/she should be promoted.
  • Professional responsibilities. This is the primary role for which the individual is employed. It must contain the appropriate job description, yearly evaluations from the Provost, and student evaluations, if appropriate.
  • Professionally related activities. This would involve publications, consulting, grants, licensure and certifications, presentations and papers, etc.
  • University service. This might involve committee assignments, activity in various organizations, student recruitment, community services, etc.

It is the responsibility of the individual applying for promotion to provide sufficient information concerning the attached criteria in a professional format which will facilitate the Promotions Committee making a recommendation. A non-professional application or an application with insufficient or incomplete information will serve as justification to remove the candidate from further consideration.

Section Number: 2.1.5
Attachment #1

Criteria for Promotion:

  1. General Information

    Application for promotion to be effective, September, 20__

    Individual's name ________________________________________

    Academic Unit ____________________________________________

    Date Submitted ___________________________________________

  2. Promotion History

    1. Initial Appointment: _____________________________ Date: _______________
    2. Promoted to: _________________________________ Date: _______________
    3. Promoted to: _________________________________ Date: _______________

  3. Educational Attainment
    Date Institution Degree Major Minor

  4. Employment History
    Dates of Employment Employer Position

  5. Attach copies of the following:

    1. Narrative of Accomplishments
    2. Report on Professional Responsibilities
    3. Professionally Related Activities
    4. University Service


Revision Date Revision Summary Revision Made By Title/Dept.
11-04-2011 Removed Director titles. M. Walworth Provost


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