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Section: Academic Administration Section Number: 2.1.7
Subject: Graduate Faculty Appointments Date of Present Issue: 12/09/11
  Date of Previous Issues:
01/93, 08/01/01


Graduate teaching appointments – appointments shall be of two types:

  1. Regular Graduate Faculty Appointments

    Regular Graduate Faculty Appointments may be awarded to Lake Superior State University faculty members who possess appropriate academic credentials in a field, or closely related field, in which LSSU offers graduate courses or degrees. Regular Graduate Faculty members shall be qualified to teach graduate courses, generally on the basis of possessing the highest earned degree in the field of the graduate courses; to advise graduate students; to direct and supervise graduate student research. Graduate Faculty appointments reflect the faculty member’s engagement in continuing scholarly activities.

  2. Adjunct Graduate Faculty Appointments

    Adjunct Graduate appointments may be awarded to individuals without Lake Superior State University faculty status who are appointed to teach a specified graduate course or courses within specific semesters. Adjunct Graduate appointments shall be qualified by credentials and experience to teach specified graduate courses.

The Graduate College:

The Graduate College is an organizational body comprised of the Regular Graduate Faculty members, who shall be responsible for curriculum development and review; establishment of admissions and graduation requirements; review and recommendation of Adjunct Graduate Appointments and other activities related to the operation of graduate programs. The Associate Provost for Assessment, Education and Graduate Programs shall serve as Dean for the Graduate College.

Appointment to the Graduate Faculty

The initial appointment of Regular Graduate Faculty members to the Graduate College is made by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs upon the recommendation of the Dean of the College. After its initial appointment, the members of the Graduate College review and advise the Dean regarding new Graduate Faculty appointments from the regular faculty, and new Adjunct Graduate appointments. Accreditation standards, where appropriate, shall be used as guidelines to define qualifications of Regular Graduate Faculty members and individuals given Adjunct Graduate Faculty appointments. The Dean makes recommendation regarding all appointments to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.
Individuals awarded Adjunct Graduate Appointments shall not be members of the Graduate Faculty. Such appointments are made to teach only specified courses and are made by the Dean only after review and recommendation by the members of the Graduate College. Under special circumstances, the Dean may make Adjunct Graduate Appointments for specified graduate courses for one semester without prior review of the Graduate Faculty.

Termination and Nonrenewal of Appointments

Regular Graduate Faculty appointments are renewable annually upon the recommendation of the Dean, and awarded without respect to the faculty member’s tenure status in the undergraduate faculty. Graduate Faculty appointments require continued and significant participation in the Graduate College, and continued scholarly activity. Graduate Faculty seeking renewal of their appointment shall submit an annual summary of their participation in the Graduate College, and evidence of continued scholarly activity, by August 15 each year. Individuals awarded Adjunct Graduate Appointments are appointed for one semester only.


The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs shall be the appeal authority for any appointment or non-renewal decision of the Dean. The Provost shall establish appropriate procedures to provide due process.


Revision Date Revision Summary Revision Made By Title/Dept.
11/15/2011 Restructured narrative consolidating descriptions, added language regarding graduate college and annual summary of participation and scholarly activity David Myton

Donna Fiebelkorn
Assoc. Provost

Assistant Dean of Education

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