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Section: Academic Administration Section Number: 2.3.2
Subject: Continuing Education - Non-Credit Activities Date of Present Issue: 08/03/01
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Non-Credit programs are run on a self-supporting basis and are funded by revenue from registration fees. Programs typically include EDventures (community enrichment), Elderhostel, Lake Superior Elders (LSE), CENA Regional Testing Service (Nurse Aid Testing for State Certification), contract training and professional development, and three Day Care Centers located at McKinley, Washington, and Soo Township Elementary Schools. Programs are updated and developed to meet the changing needs of the community and today's society.

The non-credit accounts are established as designated funds with revenues and expenses allocated to these accounts. The non-credit programs are coordinated under the direction of the Director of Continuing Education.


The Continuing Education Office will do the following:

  1. Determine courses and activities to be offered, set the schedule, determine the course content, hire the instructors, and develop and implement the advertising campaign following CE's strategic marketing plan.

  2. Design and print brochures, and other marketing and promotion materials.

  3. Determine fees for participants, prepare the budget and determine breakeven point for each course. Make decisions for canceling courses or running programs at a loss.

  4. Register participants and collect and deposit fees.
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