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Section: Academic Administration Section Number: 2.4.1
Subject: Facilities - Use/Rental of Classroom Facilities Date of Present Issue: 08/22/01
  Date of Previous Issues:
08/82, 10/87


Inasmuch as the University has a self-supporting activities center (the Walker Cisler Student and Conference Center), it is deemed that this Center will be the primary facility for rental or use by both University and non-university groups. Rooms under the jurisdiction of the Registrar's Office will be rented to non-university groups only if facilities are unavailable at the Cisler Center.


The Registrar's Office has jurisdiction over reservations and rentals for rooms in the following buildings: Kenneth J. Shouldice Library, Crawford Hall of Science, Center for Applied Sciences and Engineering Technology, and South Hall.

Availability of Classrooms for Non-Academic Use and Rental:

The use or rental of rooms by University or non-university groups in the four above named facilities will be on a space available basis and at the convenience and discretion of the University. Any non-academic activity which would require cancellation, rescheduling or relocating of regular University classes will be scheduled only with the approval of the Executive Vice President and Provost and advance notice to classroom instructors.

Charges for Non-University Groups:

For non-university groups, without regard to whether the organization is profit making or non-profit, or whether an admission fee will or will not be charged, the rental charge is $35 for a classroom and $50 for the Library Auditorium. The charges cover a period of up to eight hours in one day.

Renters will be liable for payment of the charge unless the Registrar's Office is informed of a cancellation prior to the start of a rental period.

Billing and collection of rental charges will be made by the Cisler Center, at the direction of the Registrar's Office.

Permanent Waivers for Non-University Groups:

The Executive Vice President and Provost is the approval authority for permanent waivers of rental fees for non-university groups for whom the University has taken on a sponsor relationship or for whom such free use is considered to be in the best interest of the University or of the community. Such approval will be in writing and maintained on file in the Executive Vice President and Provost's office and the Registrar's Office. Approval may be withdrawn without advance notice to the user.

Waiver of Rental Charges:

On an individual basis, the Registrar may waive all or part of the rental charges when it is deemed in the best interest of the University or the community to do so. Charges may not be waived in cases where a non-university group will be holding a profit making activity in the facility, or where individuals involved in the use of the facility will be receiving remuneration for services from either a profit making or non-profit organization, or where the activity is in any way connected with any church or religious organization which is not a student organization.

Any waiver of fees will not be deemed to be a precedent for future determinations for the same or similar groups or situations.

Free Use of Facilities by University Groups:

The use of classroom facilities, on a space available basis, and at the convenience of the University, is free to all bona fide students, faculty, and staff members, and formally recognized University clubs and organizations of Lake Superior State University, for approved activities and academic endeavors. Student clubs and organizations entitled to free classroom usage are only those officially recognized by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

The free use of classrooms by the aforementioned groups or individuals is not an entitlement, if the activity will result in any direct or indirect personal monetary gain to one or more of the individuals using the facility.

Determination of other University groups and individuals entitled to free room use will be made by the Registrar's Office. Reservations for classroom use must be made at the Registrar's Office.

Room Use in Conjunction with Cisler Center Activities:

To the extent that it does not interfere with academic activities, the use of classrooms in conjunction with activities being held at the Walker Cisler Student and Conference Center or with other Auxiliary Enterprise activities is approved, and will be scheduled through the Registrar's Office. On a space available basis, classrooms may be used by these groups at a charge to be determined by and billed by the Cisler Center Manager, so long as the charges do not exceed those stated earlier in this directive.

Rental of Other Facilities:

University facilities other than those covered by this policy may be available for use by LSSU or non-university groups. Inquiries on rentals and reservations should be made to Walker Cisler Student and Conference Center Building Manager; Child Development Center Supervisor; Norris Center Facility Director; or Housing and Student Life Director, as appropriate.

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