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Section: Academic Administration Section Number: 2.4.2
Subject: Facilities - Relocation of Faculty Offices Date of Present Issue: 08/13/01
  Date of Previous Issues:
03/83, 10/87


Faculty office relocation will normally take place during the summer. Relocation requests during the academic year will not be granted without strong justification.

Faculty should direct requests for office relocation to the Academic Dean. The Dean should consult with the building coordinator to ensure that the requested room is not designated for other assignment. If the room is available, the Dean makes a request in writing to the Executive Vice President and Provost.

The Executive Vice President and Provost will approve (or disapprove) the request, and if approved, a work order will be issued by the Dean for moving office contents.

Requests for relocation of University-owned equipment and/or furniture must follow procedure 3.6.2. The work order and movable equipment relocation form, initiated by the Dean, will be processed, on approval of the Director of Business Operations, in accordance with the above procedure.

The Dean will make any request for phone service through Information Technology.

When a move is completed the building coordinator will change the building directory. The Dean will inform the Public Relations Office of the room change for the Student, Faculty, and Staff Listing publication.

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