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Section: Academic Administration Section Number: 2.5.4
Subject: Library/Audio-Visual- Fines, Lost Materials, Holds, Stolen Materials Date of Present Issue: 08/03/01
  Date of Previous Issues:
01/79, 10/87


Fines are assessed for materials returned late to the Library/Audio Visual. The amount of fine varies according to the type of material (e.g. reserve materials, circulating materials or other materials). Fines accrue from the time the materials are due, whether or not the individual receives an overdue notice, until such time as the materials are returned. When an overdue item is returned, the fine ceases to accrue, but remains until paid. No one may check out additional materials until all overdue materials are returned and fines are paid. Holds are placed on student transcripts and registration when their total obligation reaches $5.00 and when fines are left unpaid. Upon paying a fine the person's name is deleted from the patron's circulation record, a record is made of their payment and holds removed. These funds are turned in to the Cashier's Office and credited to the General Fund. (Attachment 1 - Reconciliation).

Lost Books
Individuals who lose (or otherwise render unusable) books or other media resources, are assessed the cost of replacement plus a processing fee. Upon paying, a record of the transaction is made and any holds which have been placed are released. Funds are turned in to the Cashier's Office and credited to the appropriate budget (Attachment 1 - Reconciliation). If the individual later finds the material, within one year of paying for it, the cost of the item minus the processing fee is refunded.

A hold is placed upon students' registration and transcripts if they have a Library or Audio Visual fine of $5.00 or greater. Library staff enter holds on the university's SIS system. It is preferred that students come to the Library or to Audio Visual to pay the fine so that a staff member can remove the hold from the patron's circulation record and the university hold system.

Stolen Materials
Incident reports are completed and sent to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs when patrons are discovered with pages torn out of library-owned materials or with library materials that have not been checked out. A fine of $20 per page for any material torn out of library books or journals will be assessed. Anyone found attempting to remove library material will be fined the cost of the item plus $20.00. Further disciplinary action may be taken by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Section Number 2.5.4
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