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Section: Academic Administration Section Number: 2.5.5
Subject: Library/Audio-Visual - Purchasing Date of Present Issue: 08/03/01
  Date of Previous Issues:
07/75, 10/87


The purchase of all books, periodicals, binding services, microforms, electronic and audio-visual media for the Library must be completed through the use of the LSSU Library Purchase Order. All purchases and invoices must be approved by the Dean of the Library. Library purchases are not processed through the University Purchasing Department.


Ordering Procedure


1. Completes and signs Order Card or Periodical Subscription Form for material desired.

2. Forwards approves request to the Public Services Department.

3. In the case of student, community, or staff request, the form is given directly to a librarian.

Department Head

1. Approves or rejects the request.

2. Forwards approves request to the Technical Services Department.

Technical Services Department

1. Verifies orders on OCLC terminal and prices in Books in Print. If Library already owns the requested title, the call number is recorded on the card and returned to the requestor.

Public Services Department

1. When funds are available, completes Library Purchase Order.

2. Submits completed Purchase Order to the Dean of the Library for approval.

3. Sends approved Purchase Order to designated vendor.

Completion of Library Purchase Order

  1. Enter account number. Account numbers most frequently used are:

    General Fund:

    • Books        1-14010-6200
    • Periodicals  1-14010-6210
    • Binding       1-14010-6220

  2. Total of the list prices of the items on the purchase order. The estimated percent of discount is to be subtracted from the total cost of the list price.

  3. Library, last name of the Dean of the Library, and the typist's initials.

  4. Complete address of the publisher.

  5. Enter: BEST WAY

  6. Enter: NET

  7. Enter: ASAP (as soon as possible)

  8. Order date and the book order date are to be identical.

  9. Enter: PREPAY and ADD:

  10. Author of each book ordered.

  11. Title, edition and number of volumes.

  12. Number of copies of a title desired.

  13. List price.

  14. Signature of the Dean of the Library.

  15. When a notation must go on the Purchase Order such as: Periodical/Newspaper, Confirmatory Order, Microfilm, etc., it should be entered below CAMPUS ADDRESS.

Dean of the Library 1. Checks, signs and returns Purchase Order to Technical Services Department.
Technical Services Department 1. Checks, signs, and returns Purchase Order to Public Services Department.

Receiving Procedure

All orders should be completed within the time specified on the Purchase Order. Materials received after the specified time should be returned to the vendor unless special arrangements have been made with the Dean of the Library.

Public Services Department

1. Unpacks and checks shipment against invoice and Purchase Order.

2. Cancels shortages on order, indicating reason for cancellation on Book Order. Notifies requestors of cancellations.

3. Stamps invoice for approval

   a. Purchase Order is complete, marks yellow copy complete and sends to the Business Office.

   b. If partial shipment is received, photocopies the first page of the Purchase Order, notes partial payment, attaches invoice and sends to Business Office.

4. Forwards materials to Technical Services Department.

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