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Section: Academic Administration Section Number: 2.5.8
Subject: Library/Audio-Visual - Use of Materials Date of Present Issue: 11/11/11
  Date of Previous Issues:
06/79, 10/87


Audio Visual software materials purchased and owned by Lake Superior State University support the academic programs and instructional activities of the University. Any organization, group, or individual, on or off campus may use Audio Visual materials at no charge for University instructional activities; that is, teaching, speaking, etc.

Audio Visual materials may also be used for non-University instructional purposes provided the necessary reservations are made in advance and the materials are owned by Lake Superior State University. However, a “service fee” to cover cost of booking, cleaning, inspecting, and repairing of material, if necessary is charged for use of these programs for non-University functions, whether or not these activities are on campus or off campus.


Current “service fee” charges are available in the Audio Visual Department and payable in advance.


Revision Date Revision Summary Revision Made By Title/Dept.
10-28-2011 Recommend deleting Section 2.5.8 as the content is already covered through Library/Audio-Visual - Use of Equipment in Section 2.5.7. Stephen Eles Multimedia Specialist / Audio Visual Department

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